Friday, March 16, 2012

Loki- The Circle- Dan Hill

Apologies about the delay on this one. My net connection has been a fickle child today.

The Circle

Panel 1

We OPEN on a CLOSE UP of a decaying SNAKE on a cracked desert floor.

The corpse is dessicated-- the slightest breeze looks like it could turn it into confetti. In its death throes the snake tried to swallow itself.

LOKI (CAPTION): I think this is the end.

FIXED PANEL. A shadow falls across the snake.

LOKI (CAPTION): I’m not entirely sure.

Wide panel. Cut to the source of the shadow; Loki stands in the middle of a seemingly endless desert. He’s wearing his dark green robes but they’re wrapped around him Arabian style. This is the ‘classic’ version of Loki, not a child or woman.

He squints at the relentless sun. His trademark helmet is battered and worn, one of the horns has been snapped off.

The sky is cloudless and blue. No life, no plants, no water. Just desert.

LOKI (CAPTION): It’s happened so many times before.

LOKI (CAPTION): Now there’s no-one left.

LOKI (CAPTION): No tricks left to pull.

LOKI (CAPTION): No pieces left to move.

Wide panel. A CLOSE UP on Loki’s eyes, peering into the distance.

LOKI (CAPTION): Just me and him.

Wide panel. From Loki’s POV we can see a sand dune about a mile away. A FIGURE has appeared at the top of it, walking towards us. The sky has darkened. Storm clouds gather.

LOKI (CAPTION): Here he comes.

Wide panel. A CLOSE UP on Loki’s hand as he grips the hilt of his drawn sword.


Inset panel. A CLOSE UP on Loki’s smile.

LOKI (CAPTION): I think this is the end.


  1. It may have been slightly late, but it was so worth the wait. The page is evocative and darkly beautiful. Perfect dialogue and you end on such a wonderful moment, awesome work.

  2. A very intriguing page, Dan. The obvious answer to the question it poses is Thor, but having given it a little more thought it could be any number of potential nemeses heading for a final showdown with the trickster.


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