Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Loki - Hickory Dickory Dock - Grant McLaughlin

Page 2

One big panel to start, followed by three small panels below.  Please excuse the lengthy panel description to open.

1 – A wall full of clocks. While there are plenty visible on panel, it's clear that there are many more off-panel. The interesting thing about the clocks is that each one is thematically linked to one of the Marvel Universe's superheroes. Have of fun with this – an orange stone sundial, a transparent wall clock, a stretchy clock not unlike Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory – that kind of thing. Each clock displays a different time, although some times are closer than others. One clock in particular is actually ringing. It is a classic alarm clock, with the hammer swinging madly back and forth between the two bells. The clock is coloured like a SHIELD uniform, the left bell is black like Nick Fury's eyepatch, and the right bell is his eye colour. This clock's time bizarrely reads “13:00”, despite the fact that it is a 12 hour analog clock. It is located towards the top rightish corner of the panel and has a black panel around it (both to emphasize it and to reinforce its link to Nick Fury).

SFX: brrrrrrrrrrrrng!

2 – Loki has taken the clock from the wall and holds it at arm's length. Think the classic “Hamlet holding Yorick's skull” pose, except Loki wears a knowing, almost smug, look.

SFX: brrrrrrrrrrrrng!

LOKI: There we are!

3 – Completely different scene.  A shot of Nick Fury lying on a lounge chair, soaking up the sun on some warm beach.  He's still wearing that shirt.

LOKI (caption): The final piece of my plan has fallen into place.

4 – Back to Loki. He's in the same pose, but now he is looking up from the clock and gazing directly at the reader. He wears a mischievous grin.

SFX: brrrrrrrrrrrrng!

LOKI: It's about time!


  1. Another strong visual page for Loki. That first panel is a doozy!

    I'd love to see this one drawn, and I was left wanting to know what the frak Loki is up to by the page's end.

  2. That opening panel is a winner. Brilliant visual motif and the idea of playing with a god and time always makes for an interesting read. You gave me lots to be intrigued by and really drew me into your page. I definitely want more.

  3. Like Dan and Shaun, the opening panel sold me on this. The rest of the page made me smile, but I just want a wall of clocks like that.


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