Friday, March 16, 2012

Loki – In The Hall Of The Mountain King – Shaun Richens.

Ok so this is only my fourth tenured piece for thoughtballoons and I am already going maverick and doing a two page splash. However I am going one long form story for our Avengersthon and having this two page splash here sets me up for all the page turns I want to hit and makes for an explosive first page turn in itself from my Fury page so I hope you will allow it for the sake of a better overall script and story.


A two-page splash. With two smaller panels inlaid. 1 is in the upper left hand side of page 2 and Panel 3 is inlaid in the bottom right hand side of page 3. With Panel 2 making up all of the other space.

1. Full length shot of Loki. He stands atop the balcony section of the statue of libertys torch. He is looking out towards the city of New York, although we can’t see this yet.

LOKI: Dawn breaks, and I take this city for my kingdom.

2. This is the money shot. This is the gut punch of the splash. We pull back to a shot from behind Loki as he looks out towards the famous cityscape of New York City. It stretches out before us, buildings crumble, smoke and fire billow into the sky, mechanical beasts made from gold and silver in the shapes of mystical creatures of legend rip at the very heart of the city. Loki has brought Norse God like destruction to the mortal realm and it looks horrifically beautiful.

3. A tight shot on Loki, he has a menacing grin playing across his face.

         LOKI: By this evening these mortals shall call me god.


  1. Big and dramatic, as befits a god. Looking forward to seeing where this goes next, Shaun.

    1. Cheers Rol. I was worried I pushed it a bit, but just went with my gut on it in the end.


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