Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Loki – Loki On Trial – MK Stangeland Jr.

Loki (current kid Loki) is being sued/put on trial. Acting in his defense are Matt Murdock – who doesn’t believe the child version should be held accountable for the actions carried out by the previous, adult Loki – and She-Hulk, who’s simply doing it in order to make use of her extended knowledge of the legal system to draw the trial out for as long as possible to give the Avengers enough time to get to the bottom of what’s really behind the situation.

(1 Panel)


LOKI sits at the witness stand, but the page surround him should be a mural of some kind staring in the top left corner with LOKI’s first encounter with the AVENGERS when he inadvertently formed them. The rest of the mural should be various moments when the AVENGERS have saved the planet from some of their most dangerous foes.

LOKI (1): I believe it’s well documented that I – or if you prefer, my predecessor – was responsible for the event that first brought The Avengers together.

LOKI (2): And while it’s not unlikely that they would have formed eventually,

LOKI (3): With all the disasters your pitiful planet has encountered over the years,

LOKI (4): Would there still have been a planet worth saving?



  1. I really like the concept of this (big fan of Slott's She Hulk run) and the page sells it with the minimum of fuss.

  2. I am with Dan on this, it is a great concept pulled off in a simple and stylish fashion with a splash page, which has just the right about of dialogue.

  3. Yeah, the page itself gives us little more than the set up, but those three characters fighting a court case together would be a great story to read.


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