Sunday, March 11, 2012

Loki - The Long Con - Ryan K Lindsay


1. Loki sits atop a throne. He sits comfortably, casually. He's at home. Here we only see his right hand draped over the front of the arm rest. His nails are black.
Caption-Loki: How will you ever truly know you have won?

2. We have now moved our view out a bit to see Loki's right hand in the bottom left of the panel and his face up toward the top right. He looks up at us with his face cast slightly down. His helmet is off, his hair is tussled.
Caption-Loki: Which of your actions were really your choice?

3. We have moved completely back, this is the large panel of the page. Loki sits atop a throne that is positioned alone atop a thrust up and thin island mountain made of clumps of earth and broken ships and other debris. Behind and all around him sits a vast ocean. Waves bash against the base but that is far below Loki.
Loki: When and where does my long con end?

Yeah, I know...I live in a world where comics still end on a 22nd page. Ridiculous, right?

I wrote this one into Blogger about 2 hours before it was due. The impetus, Loki sitting on a throne. Then, him describing mischief. From there, I ended with Loki banished to this water world and though we don't know how or why it has happened what is more important is Loki's reaction to it all.

I also purposefully ended with Loki saying his last line aloud - to no one- because that's the sort of villain Loki is. He plays to the audience that isn't there - and yet it is.

I also think the idea of Loki psyching out his opponents by making out that a bad situation is part of his plan - when it isn't - is awesome. I'm sure it's been done before.


  1. It's a cool script - I still have no idea what you were getting at with 'long con'. My brain tells me 'convention' but my logic tells me 'con as in con artist'. I think this is more a reflection of my mind than your words.

    I did like this script though - amazing how we can punch out scripts to this calibre when under the deadline. Good work man.

  2. Ben - a long con is when you con someone (like a con artist, or con man, would do) and the con takes quite some time.

    It's a thing :)

  3. Very off topic but the episode titled The Long Con is my favorite ever Lost episode.

    As for your script Ryan, it is strong, sickeningly so for being written so close to going up. The pressure clearly got your writing muscles good to go. The final image and Loki playing up to his audience of the reader is wonderfully in character and a real meaty sign off for an issue.

  4. Comics still end on page 22 in my world too, Ryan. (Well, except my comics, which end on page 24 - but that's to cut the amount of filler text pages I have to write to a minimum.)

    I love the idea behind this one and I think you have a wonderful grasp of Loki's character. I don't think he'd ever admit that any drawback wasn't part of his long con... as you point out in your introduction, he's the sort of Machiavellian character whose scheming has no end or beginning.

  5. I think you sum up what's great about the character in a terse, simple manner.

    But what this page has going for it the most is the visuals.

    Good job!

  6. I love how concise this page is. The amount of character information it gets across borders on the ridiculous. I also totally dig all the questions your piece raises. Makes me want to know what the heck is going on - and that is definitely a good thing.


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