Friday, March 9, 2012

Nick Fury – In The Hall Of The Mountain King – Shaun Richens.

This story is set in the Ultimate universe.


Panels 1,2,3 and 4 make up the top row. 5 and 6 are a second row, with 7 as the bottom half of the page.

All the captions on the page should just be white text overlaid on the panels. Like opening credits of a movie.

1. A flashing red alarm light is going off on the side of a wall. We are onboard the SHIELD Helicarrier. This alarm is a call to arms. The panel should be almost entirely red. We open on danger and never look back.

SFX: WEEW WEEW (alarm going off)

2. A black panel.

CAPTION: Marvel Comics Presents.

3. We see a pair of feet running down a corridor. They belong to a SHIELD agent. They are wearing a pair of black military boots.

4. A black panel.

CAPTION: In Association with Ultimate Comics.

5. Over the shoulder of the SHIELD agent as he stands outside a closed door. A sign across the door reads WAR ROOM.

6. A black panel.

CAPTION: In The Hall Of The Mountain King.

7. This panel should take up around half the page. The SHIELD agent has entered the WAR ROOM. He stands to the left of the panel with his back to us. He is facing NICK FURY, at the right of the panel, who is looking straight at us. FURY looks stern and serious. He is a man who, at this moment stands on the edge of something that will change the world forever.

CAPTION: Starring Nick Fury.

Shield Agent: His forces are nearing New York General Fury.

NICK FURY 1: I am aware agent. They have already been assembled. They are preparing to engage him at this very second.

NICK FURY 2: All but the good Dr. that is.


  1. Wow - what a great cinematic opening. Loved it Shaun! Looking forward to seeing where the rest of your tale goes!

  2. Yeah, very dramatic opening, really well paced. I'm along for the ride on this one.

  3. I completely had the musical piece of the same name in my head when reading this.

    It was a good choice to set this in the Ultimate Universe, the script fits the cinematic 'widescreen' comics the series is known for.

  4. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Glad you all seemed to like it. I wasn't sure how the cinematic style opening was going to go down. I hope my Loki page holds up.

    Dan I wrote the whole of this script whilst listening to that track and just felt it fitted the story I was going to tell.

  5. As the others have mentioned, this page screams drama, and that's a good thing. You've picked some good "shots" to focus on in your panels, and it creates the sense of urgency you're going for quite quickly.

    This is a small nitpick, but the use of "Dr." without an actual name kind of niggles me. Make of that what you will.

    1. Grant I really appreciate the feedback even on the small matter of Dr. or Doctor. I had totally missed that on my read overs and now that you have pointed it out the use of just Dr. seems slightly off, it means the same but feels like it needs the full spelling. Always good to learn. :)


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