Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nick Fury - Message In A Barber - Ryan K Lindsay


1. We look at a barber shop from across the street - it is reminiscent of the one we saw in Fury's first spy appearance way back whenin Strange Tales. The main outer window is filled with one sfx.

2. Fury looks down the barrel of his hand gun at the end of his outstretched arm, we look up at him. There are blood spatters on his arm and face.
Fury: You'll do fine.

3. Fury slaps a SHIELD bomb on the barber's chest. You can design the bomb, and have fun with it.
Fury: You'll do just fine.

4. Fury pulls the lever to activate the chair and send the barber's body down beneath the barber shop into who knows where.

5. Fury walks away from the barber shop and across the street. He straightens his tie.

Caption: War can be a hell of a thing.
Caption: Hell of a pretty thing.

Who exactly is Fury bombing?

Yeah, it's HYDRA. The old HYDRA Cut and Rinse was asing for it.


  1. Not sure how I feel about this page Ryan. If I'm honest it leaves me a little cold, it doesn't have your normal pop to it.

    I think you spoilt me with your latest pitch, everything else just isn't as cool.

  2. Oh wow - that's brutal. Still, I like it. Dialogue is crisp and flows naturally. Nice.

  3. That felt like a Garth Ennis Fury. I can dig that.

  4. Echoing the Ennis sentiment-- a MAX like tone runs through the page.


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