Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nick Fury - ∞ x ∞ - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Flashback. The end of World War II. Paris. A landmine explodes, tossing Sgt. Nick Fury high in the air, all but killing him.

CAP (Fury): So there’s this tasty little cure-all called The Infinity Formula: helped save my life at the end of WW II…

Panel Two.

Out of flashback. Close on Fury, half in shadow, talking but not looking at us.

Fury: Kept me the dashing young super-spy you see before you today…

Panel Three.

Flashback. Fury injects Bucky with his last dose of The Infinity Formula, saving the Winter Soldier’s life.

CAP (Fury): Till recently, anyway.

Panel Four.

Out of flashback. Fury steps out of the shadows and we see who he’s talking to – some of his oldest allies: Captain America, the Black Widow, Wolverine, Dum Dum Dugan. They’re all in one of Fury’s secret hideouts. Fury looks miffed.

Fury: ‘Bout time I started growing old gracefully though – been putting it off far too long. That ain’t the problem…

Fury: The problem is the Formula… I always thought it couldn’t ever be replicated. Thought Sternberg took that with him to his grave.

Panel Five.

Hydra Secret Base. A long line of Hydra recruits are lining up for an injection. The one at the front of the line has rolled up his uniform sleeve to the shoulder. An evil Hydra doctor is injecting him. Beside them are boxes and boxes of vials, all labelled with the ∞ symbol.

Fury: Turns out I was wrong.


  1. Hot damn that is a strong page. Panels 4 and 5 sell me on the big idea. Fury is gathering some awesome allies to go to war with Hydra super army.

    I would read this story arc without a shadow of a doubt.

  2. Whoa. Did not realize that Fury had a limited supply of the Infinity Formula.

    Either way, like Shaun, I'd be more than happy to work my way through this storyline. As always, the dialogue is tight and the premise is solid.

    1. Me neither, but I also was under the impression from the actual use of it in the original comic that Nick hasn't actually hasn't NEEDED the formula for some time and stays the same age regardless now.

  3. Nifty concept about the Infinity Formula falling into the wrong hands and the last visual/panel is a doozy.

    The only thing I would comment on is the opening captions. You seque them nicely into the dialogue itself in the latter half of the page. . . BUT. . . if he's talking to gathered allies and friends etc wouldn't they already know what the infinity formula is/does?

  4. Love the script, Rol. Tight and reads very well.

    Although I was under the same impression as Dan - I thought you only took the infinity formula once.

  5. From my intensive research on the Infinity Formula, Fury has apparently been taking a dose once a year to keep himself young. Initially that was part of a blackmail scheme by the doc who invented the formula (Sternberg) but latterly it was his own doing. Although I haven't yet read the story in which he uses the Infinity Formula to save Bucky's life following his "death" in Fear Itself, what I have read suggested that Fury used his last batch of IF to save Bucky and that now he's back to growing old at the same rate as the rest of us. That didn't all come from wikipedia - but slightly more reliable web-based sources. It may be wrong though.


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