Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why Loki?

Because every hero needs someone to stand up against and as such every heroic team needs someone massive to stand up against.

Is Loki ‘massive?’ Actually, probably not, but he certainly opens the flood gates for massive. Loki is a schemer, a talker, a conniver. Loki is the guy who unwittingly brings in the massive. Or makes you think it was unwitting when in fact he planned it all along.

That’s another reason why. To write Loki, you have to become a planner. You have to be ten steps ahead. If you’re good, you’ll be ten issues ahead. I respect a character where he forces the creator to lift their game in order to keep up. You can’t be lazy with Loki.

Ultimately, we want Loki because he’s fun to write. He’s fun to plot. He’s just fun to have around.

And possibly most importantly, he’s a big reason for bringing us the Avengers. He was the initial villain in the debut issue and now he’s the reason for the season this year as The Avengers hits screens everywhere and drops a superhero team movie to end them all. The comic reading teen inside me still hasn’t shut up about it. And I hope he never will.

This is the second week of our amazing AvengersThon on the site here. We started last week with Nick Fury, and now we're only Loki. I wonder who will come in the next few weeks...

This is also our second week in a four week venture to find the next two thoughtballoons Tenured Writers!

Write your LOKI scripts in the comments below and enter the fray.


  1. LOKI - For Want Of A Nail

    6 panels, 2 to a line.

    Panel 1: Loki cuts a wire running outside of a shack.
    CAP(Loki):For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
    Panel 2: A SHIELD agent in disguise as a HYDRA agent(the communicator has a visible SHIELD logo on it) in said shack is trying to send a message, but it's not going through because Loki cut the wire.
    CAP(Loki):For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
    Panel 3: A HYDRA agent, who would have been revealed had the message gone through, puts on his mail carrier uniform.
    CAP(Loki): For want of a horse the rider was lost.
    Panel 4: Aforementioned HYDRA agent slips a canister into a parcel marked for 381 Burnham Circle.
    CAP(Loki):For want of a rider the message was lost.
    Panel 5: A roomful of SHIELD agents, dead due to a gas pouring out of the aforementioned package.
    CAP: 381 Burnham Circle
    CAP(Loki):For want of a message the battle was lost.
    Panel 6:Loki, smiling, watches the Avengers enter his lair, piled high with HYDRA explosives, on a HYDRA viewscreen as he clinks glasses with Baron Strucker.
    CAP(Loki): For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
    CAP(Loki): And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

    1. Forgot to mention this would be page 22, which is kind of an oversight on my part.

    2. Really nice page Niel. I loved the captions. They felt ominous and built tension nicely. The script itself however was a bit cramped so it made it a difficult read, and also who at SHIELD is still using wired tech? :)

      Overall nice page.

    3. Yeah, I should have spaced it out a bit.
      I was thinking that the agent in question had been in deep cover for a while, long enough that the tech he's using is not the most technologically advanced available.

    4. I wasn't feeling this one unfortunately. The formatting didn't help but some of the panel descriptions were a bit jumbled.

      I like the concept and narrative device though.

    5. I liked the plot here. The use of the poem worked well, though I couldn't help but be reminded of Alan Davis's JLA: The Nail mini series.

  2. LOKI (and his accursed half-brother Thor) in “IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW...”

    6 – Panel Grid, 3 rows of 2 panels.

    Panel 1 – Young THOR and young LOKI (about the age of Charlie Brown or Linus) are running left to right behind a Peanuts-esque brick wall, only their heads and flailing arms are visible. They seem a bit panicked, and Thor looks over his shoulder as he runs, slightly concerned...

    SFX: CRASH!!!

    Panel 2 – THOR and LOKI reach the end of the wall, and are turning to come on our side of it. Loki has his arms thrown forward as he dives for the ground, gritting his teeth. Thor is skidding on his heels a-la-Tom'n'Jerry.

    SFX: (written in John Workman's style) DOOM!!!

    Panel 3 – LOKI and THOR have their backs against the wall, catching their breath. Loki is covering his head with his arms. Thor is looking up, as if listening for what's on the other side of the wall.


    Jagged word balloon from off-panel: “Rrrghh.”

    Panel 4 – same as Panel 3, except on the other side of the wall, FIN FANG FOOM is going by. He is angry. He is looking for the two on our side of the wall, but can't find them.

    FIN FANG FOOM (Jagged word balloon): RrrGH.

    Panel 5 – same as Panel 4, we see Fin Fang Foom's tail as he passes the wall, and our two boys, not finding them.

    Jagged word balloon from FIN FANG FOOM, now off-panel: “Rrrghh.”

    Panel 6 – Thor looking smugly yet playfully angry at Loki. Loki throws his hands in the air, screaming at the sky.

    Jagged word balloon from off-panel: “Rargh.”
    THOR: “I don´t want to tellest thee that I told...

    1. An unexpected use of the characters but all the more fun for the surprise. I liked the playful use of this weeks character selection.

    2. I liked this one and the last panel prompted a laugh.

      Interesting use of the characters that paid of nicely.

    3. I never thought I'd hear Loki say "already!" and normally I'd object... but this was too much fun to quibble.

    4. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the opportunity.

    5. SUCH a pleasant surprise! what a fun take. This would go perfectly in the recent "Strange Tales" mini series. Mr Schulz would be pleased, but the humor has the bite and exuberance of Bill Watterson as well

  3. "The Church of Loki"

    1) Small, maybe an insert if possible. Close-up of Loki's face, a wicked grin on it, his eyes lustful for power.

    LOKI: Who is your god?

    2) Small. The crowd before him. They are varied; old, young, rich, poor, etc. NOTE: The panels should be increasing in size.


    3) We now see Loki, from behind, standing at a lectern, his hands gripping it. Larger view of the crowd, there seems to be about a roomful of them.

    LOKI: Who would you kill for? Who would you DIE for?

    4) Front view of Loki, his hands spread wide, his head back, eyes closed. He is basking in his adoration.


    5) Small. Tight on Loki again.

    LOKI: And who is your enemy?

    6) Large. We now see the crowd is much larger than we thought, thousands of them, spilling out the panel.



    That last panel might be better suited to a full-page spread, but I couldn't resist. ;)

    1. Really strong page J.D. Brilliant use of the character and darkly brooding as you build to reveal the many follows of the god of mischief. It felt like it had some Nazi undertone going on, and thats always a good way to establish who the bad guys are. haha

      Great work mate.

    2. Good use of the character (he's a God after all? God's have worshippers-- well, all the cool ones anyway) and an interesting hook.

      This would make a nice lead in to some kind of mini-event.

    3. Nice examination of Loki's egomaniacal side rather than his sneakiness. I approve.

    4. Who says he's not up to something? ;)

  4. Articles Of Faith.
    by: zu

    I'm stealing a real big point from an Order of the Stick comic [] on this one.

    The point is that Evil isn't really one big happy family. There is no Evil home team that everyone roots for.

    To return to the Marvel Universe. Gods have their avatars and their favored subjects, right? So, at a moment in the Marvel U when H.A.M.M.E.R. is back, there's a universe-rending being coming crashing towards Earth 616, baby, who inspires warm feelings in Loki?

    Answer: Joe Casey-era Zodiac.

    If you want mayhem, vulgar murder and beating up an unconscious Johnny Storm, Zodiac is your man. So, Loki goes to Zodiac with a basket of goodies.

    Loki appears as a green cloaked hooded figure. No golden horns, just a figure, shourded in a green cloak. This green cloak should hang over his face to the point where it's just blackness inside the hood. Don't bother doing LOKI's face.

    Special lettering note: Don't do Loki in the traditional Asgardian lettering. Go for something deliberately Not-Normal, for the intended effect of being a visual marker of an obviously masked voice.

    Okie. ZODIAC's HQ is a spaceship in the PA side of the tri-state area I think, supposedly a S.H.I.E.L.D. deactivated thing. That might be too much: Just do the inside of a purplish colored spaceship.

    Six panels!


    1.1 *LOKI exultant.*
    LOKI DISGUISED: Doom? Ha! I would lower myself to cower inside Doom's armor.

    1.2 *ZODIAC dives into the box of goodies.*
    ZODIAC: HYDRA infiltration suits, shiny new AIM tech and a…Nick Fury Life Model Decoy. Brother, what did I do to deserve this?

    1.3 *ZODIAC turns around from the pile of stuff. He's like a kid opening a Christmas present and this is the most fatherly and warm LOKI's been in centuries.*
    LOKI DISGUISED: You have demonstrated a commitment to mayhem. I reward it.
    ZODIAC: Hell yeah! ... But what's the catch?

    1.4 *LOKI, DISGUISED, holds up the LMD skull*
    LOKI DISGUISED: No clauses. No catches. I want discord, played with the largest instruments you can bend to your will. I want destructive, unnecessary chaos. Also: Norman Osborn humiliated.

    1.5 *ZODIAC, on his feet, spreads his arms,*
    ZODIAC: That, baby, I can do.

    1.6 *LOKI walks out the door*
    LOKI DISGUISED: Excellent. I leave this in your capable hands.

    1. Love the arrogance of Loki's dialogue.

    2. Loki's dialogue as Rol said is so wonderfully on point. I also loved your notes on changing his lettering to reflect his hidden voice. Nice visual idea.

  5. Loki – Sharing is Caring
    By: Daniel Morales

    Format is 3 equal rows with the first and second containing 2 panels each. The last row containing the last panel.

    (I'm playing off the current state of Loki being a kid and old Loki(Ikol) being a crow.)

    Panel 1:

    A ground shot of part of an Asgardian Throne Room. I’m picturing the one used in the recent movie as a reference. Shown is the right side of the room. There should also be a pillar on the left side of the panel.

    Panel 2:

    Same shot but with Thor being blasted through the pillar to the wall by bolts of lightning. No Mjolnir in sight.

    Panel 3:

    Shot facing Thor. He struggles to get up but it is to no avail. He is too weak and broken. Someone is walking towards him but all we see is a shot of his back which would be Loki in his usual green outfit.

    LOKI: All this time, I was going about this the wrong way.

    Panel 4:

    Shot of the left side of Thor. He is filled with anger but at the same time a tinge of sadness. Loki is off-panel in this one.

    LOKI: All I had to do was change my image to one which you saw as the Loki who was still your brother. One you could love without question.

    Panel 5:

    Close- Up of Loki’s face and upper torso. His arms are crossed with his hands at his shoulders. At his left shoulder in his right hand is Mjolnir with the ‘Whosoever…’ part shown. At his right shoulder on his left hand is a perched crow. Loki is looking at Thor mischievously with his head cocked slightly.

    LOKI: Oh, and thanks for sharing dear brother.

    1. Fits in well with current continuity and plays up Loki's sneakiness and arrogance. Good stuff.

    2. The page won me on that final panel. Truly awesome visual moment. Great stuff.


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