Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Avengers - I Never - Ryan K Lindsay

1. Avengers tower against a night sky. This is a tall and thin establishing panel and the rest of the page is a checkerboard of squares.

Caption: "I've never slept with Hawkeye."

2. Black Widow proudly takes a drink.

Black Widow: I don't recall much sleep occurring.

3. Spider-Woman drinks, but she doesn't look as happy as the Widow about it.


4. Wolverine chuckles to himself.

Spider-Woman (op): You think that's funny? I've never had adamantium inside of me.

5. Wolverine drinks. Natch.


6. Spider-Man drinks. Yes, his mask is half up for this. And yes, he's drinking milk.


7. Wolverine looks across at Spidey with disgust on his face.

Spidey (op): What? It was a fight with Doc Ock.
Wolverine: Sure it was.

8. Spidey looks all sad.

Wolverine (op): Sure that's how you got adamantium inside you. Ha.
Wolverine (op): It's always the quiet ones.

This has not been executed well. It is a rushed script. I know this. I dig the idea and I know with a good day to sit and tweak it I could make it really sing. For now, this is what you get.

I am sorry.

For the record, I © using a page of 'I Never' in a comic script. It's mine and you won't be taking it. I even already know where I'll be using it. Hands off you dirty thieves.

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