Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Captain America: The Shield – Shieldboarding – MK Stangeland Jr.

(4 Panels)

Panel 1: Long panel. AGENT TASKMASTER (see my Exiles-based script from Apocalypse week for more information) is wearing a winterized version of his normal costume. He is chasing after the fleeing enemies by using CAPTAIN AMERICA’s shield – which he picked up in a different universe – as an impromptu snowboard.

AGENT TASKMASTER’s speech bubble should carry from this panel to each of his other speech bubbles on the page to indicate that everything he’s saying on this page is part of a single phrase.


Panel 2: Close-up on the fleeing enemies as they turn around to fire their guns on AGENT TASKMASTER.

Again, his speech bubble continues from the previous panel and continues on to the next one.



Panel 3: Large Panel.

AGENT TASKMASTER jumps into the air as he continues to move, causing the shield to block the oncoming gunfire even as it remains near his feet. One of his arms reaches down to the edge of the shield to help pull this off. Whichever arm does this should be reaching across to the opposite side of his body, in order for him to seamlessly move from this panel to when he’s throwing it forwards in the next panel.

Behind AGENT TASKMASTER is a ‘ghosted’ image of a snowboarder performing the same move (but with a snowboard instead of a shield) in order to show what moves AGENT TASKMASTER is copying in order to pull the maneuver off, much in a similar style to what’s been used previously when he’s copied other peoples abilities – this could potentially be a lawyer-friendly version of a famous professional snowboarder like Shawn White in order to both help get the idea across better and make the move seem all that more impressive.

Again, his speech bubble continues from the previous panel and continues on to the next one.

SFX: tink! TINK! tink!

AGENT TASKMASTER: - ever love –

Panel 4: Large panel as AGENT TASKMASTER flies towards the panel. He is throwing the shield ahead of him as he does to try to smack the two fleeing enemies with it – the way he does this should flow naturally from the previous panel.

Behind AGENT TASKMASTER is a ‘ghosted’ image of CAPTAIN AMERICA as if he were throwing the shield, indicating just who AGENT TASKMASTER is copying the move from, if it wasn’t obvious by itself.

Again, the speech bubble from this panel should continue from the previous panel.

AGENT TASKMASTER: - this shield!


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