Sunday, April 15, 2012

Captain America's Shield - Alternatives - Grant McLaughlin

Page 7

Four rows of equal size, each made up of a single panel. Each panel frames the same shot, with the characters being the only movement.

1 – The angle has switched sides. We're looking from the doorway into the room. Natasha and Bruce are talking in the foreground. In the background, Clint has given up on Mjolnir and is trudging off-panel in a huff.

BLACK WIDOW: I don't know about that, Bruce.

BRUCE BANNER: Natasha, I know you can do it.

HAWKEYE (in background): Forget this noise.

2 – Natasha and Bruce continue talking. Natasha is rather hesitant, looking away from Bruce (and towards Clint), while Bruce is trying to reassure her. Clint (now off-panel) is going through other things in the armoury. You can see a small pile forming in the background of things he's passed on. Such items include an Ant-Man helmet, Wonder Man's sunglasses, a Nova helmet, and the like. Feel free to have some things flying through the air on their way to the pile as well.

BLACK WIDOW (1): I did a lot of bad things.

BLACK WIDOW (2): Back then.

BRUCE BANNER: But you've done a lot of good since!

CLINT (off-panel): No. No. No --

3 – Natasha and Bruce continue talking. Bruce continues to try to reassure her, but Natasha has reached a decision – just not the one Bruce was looking for.  She looks back at Bruce, more self-assured.  Clint's pile is larger, but the throwing has stopped. He's found something.

BRUCE BANNER: By my calculations, I'm 99.6% certain that you would satisfy the hammer's exigencies.

BLACK WIDOW (1): I appreciate your vote of confidence, Bruce, but I'm not ready to test that theory. Not yet.

BLACK WIDOW (2): Besides...

HAWKEYE (off-panel): Yes.

4 – Natasha has walked back a bit to where Clint is. She has grabbed something from him. Clint stumbles forward onto the panel from the force. Natasha is now holding (you guessed it!) Captain America's shield!

BLACK WIDOW: This is much more my style.


Got the shield in there just in a nick of time! I apologize that my scripts aren't quite focusing on the right topic at the right time. I hope you can forgive my jumping about when it comes to the week's subject matter. My silly little arc is almost done, and then I'll return to my regular focusing. I promise.

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  1. A nice little page Grant, and being unfocussed has been what my mini arc has been all about as well. I loved Hawkeyes dialogue in that opening panel. I actually laughed when I read it, it was just so unexpected.


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