Thursday, April 19, 2012

Captain America's Shield- Method In His Madness- Dan Hill

I tried to come up with something different, something less obvious, for this one.

So, I took a minor detail concerning a villain and turned it into his whole raison d'etre.

Method In His Madness

Page 1 (5 panels)

A tight shot of an open manila folder sitting on a metal desk. A H.A.M.M.E.R logo sits on the inside cover. One of the photos in the file depicts a grainy shot of the MOLECULE MAN in his costume. The photo looks like it was taken by a bystander. A stamp over the photo reads ‘DECEASED’ in red type.

The text of the report is unreadable to us. The whole panel is gloomy, bathed in a warm, orange light from off panel.

MARSHA (CAP): Madness got to him long before The Sentry did.

MARSHA (CAP): They said he had a troubled childhood. They said the power went to his head.

A tight shot of a FIGURE hunched over the file. It’s Marsha Rosenberg (aka Volcana).

She’s sat at the metal desk dressed in an overcoat, t-shirt boots and jeans. The only light source in the room is a small volcanic flame protruding from her finger.

MARSHA (CAP): They didn’t know him like I did.

Small inset panel. Close up on Marsha as she looks over her shoulder, anxious that someone will catch her.


Large panel. We zoom out a little to see the rest of the room. We’re in a large lockup. In the middle of the room is the desk that Marsha sits at. Strewn around it are various files, boxes and journals.

Marsha picks up one of the journals with her free (non flamey) hand.

MARSHA (CAP): He saw and did things normal men couldn’t begin to understand.

MARSHA (CAP): He touched the fabric of reality and legendary relics.

MARSHA (CAP): In the end it wasn’t the god’s hammer that drove him mad, nor the herald’s board--

A TIGHT SHOT from Marsha’s POV looking at the journal. Inside we see the spidery handwriting of Owen Reece (aka The Molecule Man). Accompanying the journal entry is a picture of Captain America’s shield.

MARSHA (CAP): --but the patriot’s shield.

MARSHA (CAP): “The weirdest of all” he called it.

Marsha touches the picture of Owen from the file.

MARSHA (CAP): Something that should not be.

MARSHA (CAP): One in a million.

MARSHA: I miss you, Owen. I wish they understood.

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