Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hulk - Nevermind Then - Grant McLaughlin

Page 5

Three rows of panels. First row has 2 panels, second row has 3, and the third row has two again. Panels 1 and 7 are smaller than their row counterparts (2 and 6, respectively).

1 – Clint and Natasha are ready to help the Hulk out of his clockwork-battering. Clint has an arrow nocked and drawn back. Natasha has one of her wrist things ready and aimed. Clint wears a smug grin; Natasha, an annoyed expression.

HAWKEYE: I told you it was serious!

BLACK WIDOW: Shut up, Clint. Let's just lend him a hand, alright?

2 – The Hulk grabs the two clockwork monsters by the back of their “necks”, one in each hand. His arms are spread apart and he is preparing to bash them together. He is pretty darn angry looking.


3 – The Hulk smashes the two clockwork monsters into each other. They crunch into each other with a ton of force. Feel free to have clockwork parts flying all over the place. The Hulk is smashing his foes around chest level or lower, leaving his face visible to the reader. Hulk looks slightly angrier than the previous panel.



4 – The clockwork monsters are pretty well out of commission, but the Hulk delivers an enormous kick to one of them, sending it flying and ripping it apart. He's getting angrier.



5 – The Hulk delivers a shattering uppercut to the remaining clockwork monster, sending its head flying off, rock 'em sock 'em robot-style. He's at his angriest thus far.



6 – The Hulk has pretty much spent the last of his energy reserves to deliver those blows. His hands are at his sides and he's pretty much entirely out of gas. Breathing heavily, the Hulk is actually shrinking down to his Bruce Banner alter-ego (do that entire switch back in this panel, drawing the “ghost” images of Hulk and the mid-transformation).

HULK: *gasp* *gasp*

7 – Repeat the first panel. The only change is that both Clint and Natasha now wear expressions that are somewhere between dumbfounded and stunned.


BLACK WIDOW: Well then.


  1. Fun page. It show cases Hulks super strength in also highlights how he truly is a one man army. Also any Hulk book with the Transformation ghost image effect in it is cool with me, I love how that looks on a page.

  2. Heh. Nice page with a good balance of humour and action.


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