Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Hulk - Oxymoron - Rol Hirst

This story takes place during the classic “Hulk smash” Hulk days when Hulk was a sometime member of the Defenders. Previous to this page, the non-team (consisting of Dr. Strange, Submariner, Nighthawk and Valkyrie) have arrived to ask Hulk’s help against some big, weird, Universe-threatening menace. But Hulk is tired. He doesn’t want to help them. Reluctantly, the Defenders depart to deal with the menace on their own.

Panel One.

Hulk is left alone in the forest where the Defenders found him, sitting cross-legged at the side of a lake. He looks back into an empty clearing where moments ago the non-team were standing.

Hulk: Good. Fish Man, Sword Girl, Bird Nose and Dumb Magician have gone. Left Hulk alone.

Panel Two.

Hulk stares at his reflection in the water.

Hulk: When will they understand? Hulk doesn’t want to fight. Hulk just wants to be left alone.

Panel Three.

The reflection in the water begins to change. As Hulk calms, he fades back to Banner. This is a mid-transformation image: Bill Bixby with the prosthetic forehead, green fading to grey.

Hulk: Maybe then, Hulk will finally be…

Panel Four.

The reflection changes again. It’s almost completely Banner now. He looks sad.

Banner: …happy.

Panel Five.

Long shot of Banner, still sitting at the lakeside in the tattered remains of his Hulked-out clothes. He does not move, just stares into the rippling water.


  1. Rol, all your Avenger scripts have been spot on. I'm almost regretting going for an extended narrative because I see all the fun you're getting by shining a spotlight on what makes these characters unique. Really dig this one (that last panel was a great choice).

  2. Damn the use of the reflection in the transformation scene is so wonderful, Great idea. Its a sad and lonely page which is really how Banner must feel as Hulk and not many people get that, they just think he is a hulking brute who smashes things. A really nice quite moment with solid impact. Great work.

  3. I think this is another Hulk script (the other was J.D's I think) that touches upon Hulk's literary roots.

    I definitely got a Karloff's Frankenstein vibe from those last few panels. Good stuff.

  4. I won't claim to have originated the reflection imagery, I'm pretty certain I've seen it done before both by Sal Buscema and on the Bixby/Ferringo TV show. This will always be my favourite version of the Hulk though, partly because it's the one I grew up with but mostly because he's such a sad and lonely creature. As cool as the contemporary kick-ass version might be, I rarely find myself empathising with him in quite the same way.


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