Monday, April 2, 2012

Hulk - Smash - Ryan K Lindsay


1. A very large panel. Hulk stands after battle, breathing heavy, looking like a boxer in the final throes of defeat. Around him stands the rubble of a city street. Go crazy with the scope of the destruction.


2. Hulk is in the same pose but we see cracks forming up his clenched left arm. It looks like a piece of glass when it breaks.

Hulk: Hulk...

3. Hulk is now crumbling. I'm thinking like that famous Scarlet Witch cover where she's being disassembled but here gravity is bringing Hulk down. Feel free to zoom in as you please or have more of Hulk smashing in this panel.


Who could cause such destruction of the Hulk?


  1. Who indeed, Ryan? Who indeed?

    I like the setup. Seems simple, but there's a lot going on here. Also, definitely would be a good page to cliffhanger on.

  2. Nice visual element to the last panel and a cliffhanger too.

  3. Awesome visual concept to bring to the page and a great beat to leave an issue on. As the reader I would certainly be back for that next issue. Nice work.


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