Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hulk – Some Assembly Required, Page 5 - Ben Rosenthal


1. The Hulk is huddled over in pain, both hands covering his ears.

CAPTION: 1 minute ago.


No...Hulk...strongest..there is..

VOICE (off panel – these bubbles should have a hypnotic look to them. Magic is being used.)

Physically, yes. But when it comes to brains you stupid brute...

2. A wider version of Panel 1. We can see Bruce Banner standing opposite the doubled over Hulk. His eyes are slightly glowing green.


I am the strongest there is.

3. A close up of Banner’s face. He is smirking, fiendishly. His pupils are glowing a brighter green now.


Tell me Hulk, do your big muscles stop the pain of being unloved?

Every person on this planet fears you. Even I, your creator wise that you would cease to exists.



4. A close up of the Hulk’s face. He is trying hard to block out the words.

BANNER (off panel)

Don’t you think it would be better to go now. To be –

5. An arrow has flown through Banner, who has faded slightly, showing us that he is nearly an illusion. It has struck Hulk in the leg. The ensuing pain has snapped Hulk out of the trance he has been under.



BANNER (hypnotic bubble faded as much as the Banner illusion)

- alone?

6. A shot of Hawkeye, having just fired the bow.


Oh boy.

7. A close up of hulk’s eye. He is angry.




  1. The suspense of the slow build to the "Now" moment is killing me, Ben! Get to the knock-down, drag-out brawl already!

    (See also: nice use of the Bruce Banner-Hulk dichotomy!)

  2. In terms of the larger narrative this builds nicely towards a solid climax.

  3. The page makes perfect use of the three beat per page set up that works so well in the comics format. You build up nicely to a great page climate whilst at the same time building upon your on going narrative. Wonderful page.

  4. I liked the fact that it was obvious from the dialogue that this wasn't Banner, even before the reveal. Had to read this sentence 4 times before I deciphered your secret code though:

    Even I, your creator wise that you would cease to exists.


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