Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Iron Man: The Armor – Ultimate Comics: Nova Corps – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Long story short: my take on the ultimate version of the Nova Corps is that rather than being this unified bunch of space cops all possessing the ‘Nova Force’, they’re more like an unaligned galactic version of SHIELD or teams of cosmic heroes out to protect the galaxy on their own terms. In this case, PETER QUILL, STAR-LORD, is part of GUARDIAN SQUAD (the Ultimate Guardians of the Galaxy), and is out in space with a suit of halfway-reverse engineered Ulimate IRON MAN armor (the cool, ultimate-unique armor, that is, not one of those 616 look-alikes) by way of Richard Rider’s Nova-Prime costume.
Ok, so maybe that wasn’t quite so short after all.)
(5 Panels)
Panel 1: LAMBDA-ZERO is grabbing STAR LORD around the neck with one arm, while trying to stab him with the energy staff being held in the other. STAR LORD is grabbing onto both, though an energy surge is rippling around the hand that’s keeping the energy staff at bay.
STAR LORD (1): Astro’veek! Bug! Nikki! Anybody!
STAR LORD (2): I could use some help here!
Panel 2: BUG leaps at LAMBDA-ZERO with the two broken halves of his blaster-staff, preparing to try to strike at the enemy. LZ doesn’t APPEAR to be paying much attention to him.
BUG: On it, *tik* Quill!
Panel 3: LAMBDA-ZERO rebukes the effort, delivering a kick to BUG’s mid-section.
SFX: bzump!
BUG (1): gughf!
Panel 4: ASTRO’VEEK (ULTIMATE MAJOR VICTORY) having attempted to attack from the other side, is blocked when LAMBDA-ZERO swings his energy staff at him and shatters ASTRO’VEEK’s energy shield.
SFX: Bzz-kr-chk-chich-zzkzz!
Panel 5: STAR LORD, no longer trying to hold the energy staff at bay, swing his free hand down towards LAMBDA-ZERO’s head. His palm is open, face down, and STAR LORD delivers a burst of repulsor energy out of the armor’s hand-unit as it nears LAMBDA-ZERO’s head.
STAR LORD: That’ll do it.
SFX: BzzzEW!
(I didn’t put it in panel six because it would deserve more room, but the following panel would be the rather cool explosion that follow the above sequence.)


  1. they should be replaced by these guys who are having real zeal to do anything for ironman cosplay

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  3. A state of the art, magnetic molecular metal binding technology that makes the armor looks like cloth seems to far fetched idea at present. It is good that the costume designers had a more realistic looking suit of armor specially made for the Iron man movie.

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