Sunday, April 22, 2012

Iron Man’s Armour – In The Hall Of The Mountain King – Shaun Richens


Panel 1 is a page wide panel. 2,3,4 and 5 are small and tight panels showing just what they need to. 6 is another page wide panel.

1. The Avengers stand assembled. The destroyed outline of New York is behind them. CAPTAIN AMERICA is in the middle flanked by IRON MAN, HAWKEYE AND BLACK WIDOW. The HULK stands tall behind them.

2. THOR throws his hammer towards LOKI.

3. LOKI dodges to the side as the hammer sails past.

4. IRON MAN grabs LOKI around the waist and holds him tight. As only a man in a super suit can.

5. HULKS fist cracks LOKI in the side of his face. Leaving him bloodied and bruised.

6. LOKI lies on the floor looking up at the AVENGERS defeated.

         LOKI 1: I.
         LOKI 2: I… yield. 

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