Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Iron Man's Armour - Only A Matter of Time - Grant McLaughlin

Page 8

I'm not super picky on how you lay this one out. Just make sure that panel 3 gets the space it deserves.

1 – Clint walks off in another, bigger huff. Bruce and Natasha keep talking.

HAWKEYE (1) (in background): rassum frassum.

HAWKEYE (2) (in background): No hammer. No shield. Might as well say no fun.

BRUCE: Are you sure you won't reconsider, Natasha?

BLACK WIDOW: I'm sure.  I appreciate everything you've said, but I still need time to prove to myself that I'm worthy.

2 – Natasha puts her hand on Bruce's shoulder in reassurance. She is confident in her words.

BLACK WIDOW: I know that things look bad, but with your strength, my skill, and Clint's... unique talents, I know we'll be fine.

HAWKEYE (off-panel): Hey guys!

3 – Switch to Clint. He's wearing a suit of Iron Armour. The helmet is not on, enabling everyone to see the huge grin of excitement he's wearing on his face.

HAWKEYE: Whaddya think?

4 – Close-up of Natasha's mouth. She smiles knowingly.

BLACK WIDOW: I think it's time to Assemble.

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