Thursday, April 26, 2012

Iron Man's Armour- Pilgrimage -Dan Hill

I went for something a bit more simple with this one (pun not intended).


Page 1 (6 panels)

We open on a tight shot of Tony looking dead ahead, straight at us.

TONY (CAPTION): One day every year--

Fixed panel. Tony brings the Mark 1 Helmet down over his face.

TONY (CAPTION): -- I simplify.

Wide panel. A worms eye view of Tony in the Mark 1 armour as he touches down somewhere in a desert, sand kicking up from his landing.

TONY (CAPTION): I go back to basics--

TONY (TO HIMSELF): Still works.

Wide panel. Tony, his back to us, stands before the mouth of the cave where Iron Man was born. He has the Mark 1 helmet tucked under his arm as he looks into the cave.

TONY (CAPTION): --back to the beginning.

Wide panel, fixed viewpoint. Tony enters the cave, promptly being swallowed up by the shadows.

TONY (CAPTION): I give thanks to the man who saved me--

Inset panel. Close up of the desert floor in front of the cave and one of the footprints left by the armour.

TONY (CAPTION): -- and the mark he made.

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