Monday, April 23, 2012

Iron Man’s Armour – Some Assembly Required, Page Eight - Ben Rosenthal


1. Iron Man’s armour stands, arm raised and hand open next to Thor’s face. Thor is in sneering through pain.

2. Captain America’s shield has knocked the Iron Man armour’s hand away just as it fires. It singes some of Thor’s hair.

3. Thor has summoned the last of his strength, and has hit the Iron Man armour full force under its chin with Mjolnir. The force has separated the helmet from the rest of the armour.

4. A close up of the Iron Man helmet. It has come to rest on the ground, the background behind it blurry. However, the background is of a skin tone.

5. Same as Panel 4, however the background is no longer blurred. It is the upper torso and face of Tony Stark. His eyes open and looking at the helmet. He weakly mutters:


Cellar door.

6. The Iron Man armour crumples to the ground, lifeless. Loki no longer has control of it.

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