Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mjolnir- The Spark - Dan Hill

This one is a sequel/companion piece to my Loki script from a few weeks ago.

Yes, Mjolnir is a narrator. Deal with it.

The Spark

Page One

Panel One
We open on a close up of THOR picking up MJOLNIR from a sandy desert floor. The focus of the panel here is Mjolnir. We can'
t see Thor’s face.

MJOLNIR (CAPTION): We always find each other.

Panel Two
Close up on Thor’s hand gripping Mjolnir’s handle.

MJOLNIR (CAPTION): I am his to hold.

Panel Three
Fixed panel.

MJOLNIR (CAPTION): He is mine to protect.

Panel Four
A flash of lightning cuts through a sky that's suddenly dark.

MJOLNIR (CAPTION): Tonight we will dance for the last time.

Panel Five
Large panel. We’re in the same vast desert as the Loki strip, this time looking towards Loki in the distance.

The sky over the desert is thick with storm clouds, thunder brewing inside them, casting an eerie light over the desert.

Thor walks away from us, towards Loki, Mjolnir at his side.

MJOLNIR (CAPTION): My last breaths will extinguish this world’s flame--

MJOLNIR (CAPTION): -- my rebirth will ignite the spark and set this cycle into motion once more--

MJOLNIR (CAPTION): --and then my voice will call out to him for the first time.

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