Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why Iron Man’s Armour?

Iron Man has already been looked at here on Thoughtballoons, but it is not the man who makes the hero but the iron. 

They always say it’s what’s on the inside that counts. However with Iron Man I'd have to say it’s all about what’s on the outside.

It's not Tony Stark flying through the skies or taking down supervillains, it’s the armour he wears. It's the armour that turns him from a mad scientist into a superhero, it’s the armour that lets him fly and take a punch to the face from the Hulk. This suit makes the man a hero. So lets all give the tech its dues and show off just how great it can make a man. 

Besides I mean any suit that can get you a job on a superhero team made up of a Super Soldier, a Hulk and a God is one hell of a thing. 


  1. Iron Man's Armour: Indecent Proposal

    1) Wide establishing panel. A fancy rich guy party held by Tony Stark. Everyone in tuxes/ballgowns. Various Iron Man suits stand on display in glass cases.

    NO TEXT.

    2) Stark talking with another rich guy, Vance (original character), in front of his current suit.

    STARK: ...streamlined repulsors, nano-repair systems, vibranium frame...

    VANCE: Very impressive, Tony. Tell me, how much to rent one?

    3) Close on Stark. Smug.

    STARK: Yeah... I don't know if you've heard my many, many speeches over the years, VANCE, but the Iron Man suits are NOT for sale.

    4) Close on Vance. Not shaken.

    VANCE: Heh. I know you'll not be swayed by money, Tony, so what about a donation to a charity of your choice? Or perhaps--

    5) On Stark. He's a little more frustrated now.

    STARK: Look, listen -- They're not yachts or supermodels. You can't just have some weekend fun with one and bring it back with a few dents.

    STARK: Final answer, Vance. Drop it.

    6) Close on Vance again. He is grinning, raising his martini glass.

    VANCE: Every man has his price, Stark...


  2. IRON MAN'S ARMOR IN... "And I'll Form The Head!"

    This is the tipping point in an Iron Man/Loki fight, and Tony has just been knocked into the vault where all his old armors are kept.

    Panels 1,2, and 3 should be in a row, Panel 4 should be a row of its own, and panel 5 should be at least 2/3 of the page.

    Panels 1-3: close up on the armors combining, stitching into each other.


    Panel 4: Wide shot. The new suit is rising from the wreckage of the battered Stark Enterprises building. we should see some parts, but not too much, and the lights from the arc reactors should shine through.

    Panel 5: The suit, a Voltron-like combination of almost all the old IM suits into one big robot, stands tall. A holographic Tony Stark head is projecting from an arc reactor about where the neck would be, and his face is just smug as hell.

    Stark: SO...

  3. SECRET AVENGERS: Vampire Uprising

    Panel 1 - Center court at Madison Square Garden. IRON MAN (MkII Armor) Standing atop a tall pile of dead vampires. He could almost touch the Jumbotron above him. More vampires are swarming up the mound, trying to surround him. He is letting loose on a couple with blasts from his palms. The blasts are whiter than white. The vampires are torn to shreds.

    CAPTION: The modifications are better than I expected.

    CAPTION: Repulsors firing in the ultraviolet spectrum.

    Panel 2 - Zoom in a bit. Iron Man fires a stream of greyish-yellowish fluid from a panel in one of his gauntlets, into the face of a vampire that is getting a little too close for comfort. His face is melting off. Another ignorant vampire is trying in vain to bite into the armor surrounding his neck (maybe chipping a fang).

    CAPTION: Sulfuric acid mixed with silver nitrate.

    Panel 3 - Zoom in a little more. A panel pops up on Iron Man's shoulder, blasting the vampire at his neck with a jet of steam. Vampire skin blisters from the shot, his face expresses shock.
    One of Iron Man's hands touches under his face plate.

    CAPTION: High pressure steam jet. Holy water and garlic concentrate.

    Panel 4 - Zoom in, head shot. Face plate is up, revealing the face of BLADE, teeth gritted, exposing just a little fang. Sweat beads on his forehead.

    BLADE: Always some mother#&$*@r tryin' ta iceskate uphill...

    TONY: (from speaker inside the helmet) Language... be continued...

    1. The only question I have is why Tony's letting Blade drive it instead of doing the job himself. Just not confident enough in his own abilities?

  4. oh man that was awesome!!!! what a fun reveal, and an amazing use of the armor. this reads like it would be a dream to draw


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