Thursday, May 31, 2012

Squared Circle Comics – What An Entrance – Shaun Richens.

One page.

Three Panels equal sized panels. All three panels have a small panel inlaid in the bottom right hand side.

1. Ripper is walking down to the ring. The huge screen behind him shows his entrance video. Smoke is billowing up around his feet.

1.1 The commentators stand behind a desk. They both look really excited by the appearance of Ripper. They are smiling and energetic.

         It’s Ripper! I cannot believe he’s here tonight!

2. Ripper has moved a tiny bit further down the ramp towards ringside. He looks menacing and powerful.

         Ten minutes later.

2.2 The commentators are now sat behind the desk. The enthusiasm has drained from their faces however.

3. Ripper finally enters the ring. He stands tall, microphone in hand.

         One hour later.

I am here tonight for one reason…

3.3 One of the commentators has fallen asleep at the desk; the other has his chin resting on it, with only one eye open. The SCW logo is on display in the bottom right corner.

Thank you for joining us on SCW tonight. That’s all the time we have. See you next week.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Squared Circle Comics – Back In My Day! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(3 Panels)

Panel 1: MURDOCH and REILLY are interviewing an older-looking wrestler – JAMES ‘THE WRINGER’ JENKINS – though they don’t look like they’re too pleased to be doing it. THE WRINGER is going off on an old-man style rant, though his words are in the background behind everyone, making it so that the reader can only get an idea about what he’s going on about, if that.

THE WRINGER: You call this wrestling? This ain’t no wrestling! This is fancy-pants money-charged four-sided theater, that’s what it is! Back in my day, wrestling was WRESTLING! None of these silly gimmicks! The wrestlers WERE the gimmick! And not just anybody got a fancy nickname, no sir-ry! If you went by a nickname, it meant you’d earned it! And scripts? You better believe that nobody ever had a script! Nobody! We didn’t need no scripts! Not even the announcers! Everything was…

MURDOCH: We are back with a ‘special’ interview with one of wrestling’s oldest title champions. Mr. James Jenkins, better known as ‘The Wringer’.

REILLY: Mr. James Jenkins, better known as ‘The Wringer’.

REILLY: Also the only SWC Champion to ever willingly give up his championship title.

Panel 2: THE WRINGER looks like he’s fallen asleep mid-sentence. MURDOCH and REILLY look at him in confusion.




Panel 3: THE WRINGER wakes up suddenly, causing MURDOCH and REILLY to jump out of their seats away from him in shock.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Squared Circle Wrestling- 24/7 -Dan Hill

I really like the character of Puno and something he said in one of the earlier strips resonated, and so I present my magnum opus. This strip is a ‘prequel’ of sorts, set just before the first strip.  

Panel 1

We are in a convenience store sometime after midnight. In the foreground of the shot is a shelf, its back facing us. On the other side of the shelving, peering through a gap in the stock is a very paranoid looking PUNO. He wears his mask and a trenchcoat (this is Puno’s version of incognito).

Behind Puno, lining the wall, is the freezer section of the store.


Panel 2

We are further along the aisle now. Puno raises himself up on his tiptoes, peering from behind the shelving like a Meerkat looking for whatever’s on the next rung up the food chain.

Behind him, standing next to one of the freezers, we can just make out a STORE CLERK holding a mop in his hand. The clerks garish uniform is complimented by his greasy hair, pale flesh and impressive collection of zits.

STORE CLERK:  Um...Sir...

Panel 2A

Tight on PUNO as he slips, legs flying, arms flailing. Physics in action.  

PUNO:  Aiiiee!

Panel 3

We are now clear of the shelving in the foreground but the viewpoint is still fixed looking towards the freezer section and the store clerk. The clerk holds his mop and looks down, off panel.

PUNO (OFF PANEL):  Avenge me.

Squared Circle Wrestling - The Hot Seat - Grant McLaughlin

Love the comic, Ben. Like you, I've also fallen in love with Swingie, so I hope you'll excuse me if I explore his “secret origins” a bit.

1 – Swingie and Mrs. Swingie are at home, eating dinner. Their home is small and a little run down, but it's theirs, which makes it special. Swingie is contentedly eating his meal, while Mrs. S looks like her mind is occupied by something other than their food. Please keep in mind that although Swingie is a foldout chair, Mrs. S is actually a buxom card table.  The two are eating dinner at another, (albeit) inanimate table.

MRS. SWINGIE: Swingie?


2 – Mrs. S reaches out to hold one of Swingie's hands; her other hand is on her stomach (if card tables can have those). She has an imploring look on her face. Swingy looks back at her, and recognizing the seriousness of the situation, wears a sympathetic expression.

MRS. SWINGIE (1): I know working at SCW is your dream job, but I'm worried that we won't have enough money to make ends meet.

MRS. SWINGIE (2): Especially with our little ones on the way.

SWINGIE: Don't worry, honey. I'm working my way up the ladder. Sure, right now I'm just the technical difficulties guy, but if I play my cards right, soon I could be in honest to goodness matches. Chair matches. TLC matches. Or even headlining the main event...

MRS. SWINGIE: I'm just worried that soon might not come soon enough.

3 – Swingie stands up and goes around the table to his sweetheart. He kisses her reassuringly on the forehead (table edge?). While still concerned, Mrs. S puts on a brave face for her hubby.

SWINGIE (1): I'm sure an opportunity to distinguish myself will come along sooner than you think.

SWINGIE (2): And when it does, I'll keep your words in mind. But now I gotta get going. It's Entertainmania tonight, after all.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Squared Circle – The Quickening – Ryan K Lindsay

Click to see whole strip

1. Those two announcers are talking to us. I don’t know their names, you do, draw them.

Announcer 1: Wow, I cannot believe Moneyshot Lindsay is stepping back into the ring for this bout.
Announcer 2: It is for The Quickening, [insert name here if they have names], there’s no way he’d let 3-Star Rosenthal take it without it getting physical.

2. 3-Star Rosenthal stands in his corner ready to go. Here’s the fun, let’s make Ben a wrestler. I’m thinking denim overalls, with the ass flap open revealing pink underwear, maybe some sort of lame mask or hat. You hate him as much as I do, let’s tear him apart.

Caption: “This. Is. Going. To. Be. INSANITY!”
3-Star: I wonder why they call him--

3. Insert sneak attack SFX panel with MONEYSHOT written vertically. Should homage the old Batman POWS, y’know? Panel is only about 1cm wide or so.

4. 3-Star has been blown back, he is tangled up in the ropes, he’s upside-down, his pert little ass is facing us. An announcer is standing at the side of the ring. I don’t care which one (pick your favourite) and I don’t care exactly where he stands.

Announcer ?: Wow, he really took that right across his chest like a champ!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Squared Circle Comics - Forty Three - Ben Rosenthal

I love it when I can multi-task.  Below is the ACTUAL script for SCW this coming Tuesday night/Wednesday (depending on your timezone and Mike Perry's paralysed hand).  You may want to read the previous strips leading up to this particular one. Also, I crave hits.


1. Technical Difficulties panel, with Swingy beaten and bloody, laying on the ground unconscious.

2.  Jack Heart is standing in the middle of the ring, once again SCW Champion.

2a. The Commentator’s booth. Reilly is weeping.

What a night folks! Jack Heart is once again the NEW SCW Champion!


Thank you for being a part of Entertanimania, and we will see you tomorrow night for the Entertainmania fallout!

3.  The commentator’s panel. Reilly and Murdoch are talking between themselves.

VOICE (off panel)
And we are off air!

Think we got away with the ‘Technical Difficulties’ thing?


You mean the fact that we had no idea where we were going with this match so made up a stupid mascot to distract people’s attention whilst at the same time taking their money?

I love the way you summarise plots!

Whilst using correct English!

Why Squared Circle Wrestling?

Oh come on’s been two years and not one of us has used this site to get some extra traffic to their projects.  It had to happen in the end.

Squared Circle Wrestling is a bi-weekly comic written by myself (Ben Rosenthal) and drawn by the uber talented Mike Perry.  It is a comic about wrestling – commentaries on what makes wrestling great, and what makes it not so great.

As a special incentive, the strips posted by our tenured writers, and perhaps those written by you at home, may in fact appear on the site.  If I can be bothered...which I totally can be. Perhaps.

I really don’t want to get into what I personally think of the comics I wrote (they’re awesome, by the way) and would really appreciate it if you could have a look, read a few and ‘Like’ the page on the facebook.

Wrestling fan or no, here's hoping you enjoy the tenured writer's attempts to strike down my mighty ego.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Autobiographical - Slings And Arrows - Niel Jacoby

Panel 1: I am on my futon with my laptop. The clock behind me says 5:00. The sun is out, which you can see through the window.

Me: Alright, let's get to work.

Panel 2: Same place, but I'm surprised. 6:00. The sun is lower.

Me: Ooh, someone talked to me on Twitter!

Panel 3: 8:00. Dark.

Me: Just one more Busta Rhymes video.

Panel 4: 12:00. Still dark.

Me: Heh, Tucker Stone is awesome.

Panel 5: 12:15. I notice the clock.


Panel 6: 12:20. I am working fast, panicking.

Me: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

Friday, May 25, 2012

Autobiographical – Chase – Shaun Richens.


Two rows of two panels, then a page wide final panel at the bottom.

In an ideal world Skottie Young would be drawing this.

1. A young Shaun aged 5 stands at the side of a river on a summer’s day. In his arms he holds a loaf of fresh bread. He wears a huge grin on his face. He is wearing his favourite Thomas the Tank Engine cardigan. It looked very similar to this one.

2. Shaun is throwing chunks of the bread into the river, a little crowd of friendly ducks swims near him eating up his treats.

3. A huge dark shadow is cast over the small figure of Shaun. His huge grin is now gone and he looks damn scared.

4. A shot from behind Shaun looking up at the huge monstrous form of an angry Swan that stands over him.

5. Shaun is running, arms flailing wildly in the air as he flees from the Swan as it chases him all along the riverbank.


Even now at the age of 23 I am still terrified of the devils ducks known as Swans. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Autobiographical- Rituals -Dan Hill

Yeah, so I went for abstract and pretentious.

Panel One
Tight shot on DAN lying on his side in bed, his head on a pillow. His eyes are open.


Panel Two
Shot from behind Dan as he stretches in front of a window. The white wooden blinds are drawn tight but we can see sunlight filtering through slightly. Dan is wearing a black cotton wife beater and boxers (form a line ladies).

CAPTION:  On the field of the Self--

Panel Three
Close up on Dan's hands as he operates the roller to open the blinds.

CAPTION:  --stand a knight and a dragon.

Panel Four
Close up on Dan's eyes, squinting slightly at the sun, as he looks through the new-found gap in the blinds.

CAPTION:  You are the knight.

Panel Five
From Dan's POV looking through the window and across the skyline. We see the tops of houses stretching into the distance. The horizon is dominated by the green mounds of the Malvern hills.


CAPTION:  Resistance is the dragon.

Panel Six
Inset panel. Close up on Dan, a small smile playing across his lips.


Autobiographical – How A Thought Balloons Script Is Written - MK Stangeland Jr.

(9 Panels)

OVER PANELS 1-3: Method A

Panel 1: MK STANGELAND JR (MKSJ) sits at his desk with his laptop in front of him. He looks at his computer and strokes his chin.

MKSJ: Ooo, that character! I know what I can do for them.

Panel 2: MKSJ leans over his computer. His arms look like he’s typing fervently.

SFX: type type type type type

SFX: *enter*

Panel 3: MKSJ leans back in his chair. His arms are crossed in front of him and he has a satisfied look on his face.

MKSJ: Now I wait.

OVER PANELS 4-6: Method B

Panel 4: MKSJ leans over to take a close look at his computer screen. He has a confused look on his face.

MKSJ: Who? I have no idea who that is.

Panel 5: MKSJ is hunched over his computer. His arms flail about as he works fervently.




Panel 6: MKSJ Leans back in his chair. He looks worn out.

MKSJ: Just in time.

OVER PANELS 7-9: Method C

Panel 7: A thought balloon with gears inside it appears over MKSJ’s head. His eyes show determination.

Panel 8: A light bulb flashed over MKSJ’s head.

MKSJ: Ooo! I like that idea!

Panel 9: MKSJ sits in his chair, disappointed.

MKSJ: Now if only someone would pick a character I could use it for.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Autobiographical - Typical laptop session - Ray Wonsowski

Panel 1 - The AMERICAN ZOMBIE sits, facing us, at his laptop at the kitchen table.  His eyes are glazed over as the screen casts its sickly glow upon his face.  Thought balloons ring his head.

TB:  scrpt

TB:  blls

TB:  "i" key broken agan

TB:  sht

Panel 2 - Same as above, but two boys are running behind him.  The 7-year old is holding his Iron Man action figure up high in front of him.  The 4-year old is chasing him, Hulk action figure in one hand, Thor in the other.  Thor's hammer was lost, so there is a little red guitar in its grip.  A.Z. is getting frustrated.  More thought balloons about his head.

7-YR:  Whoosshhh!!!

4-YR:  RAAAaarrrgghh!!!

TB:  school

TB:  ups¡de down exclamat¡on po¡nt looks l¡ke an "i"

TB:  w¡fe

Panel 3 - Same as above, except the 7-year old has run off panel, and the 4-year old is looking over A.Z.'s shoulder.  A.Z.  Looks even more flustered under the pressure

TB:  $

TB:  no $

4-YR:  Whatcha doin'?  Wanna play?

Panel 4 - Same as above, except A.Z. is rubbing his tired eyes.  The 4-year old puts the Thor with the red guitar on the table next to the laptop.

A.Z.:  Dude, l would so love to, but Papa's got a lot of work to do.

4-YR:  You can be Sammy Hagar Thor.

Panel 5 - Same as panel 1, except A.Z. is looking at the toy, not the laptop.

4-YR:  (off-panel)  RAAARRrrrggghh!!!

Panel 6 - A.Z. gets up from the table, moving off panel, Thor in hand.  Small dust cloud behind him as he abandons his laptop to join the fun.

A.Z.:  WHOOOOooooshh!!!

CAPTION:  "A day that fills the heart with remorse and fear cannot be called a day of amusement."
- Don Bosco

Autobiographical - Lait - Grant McLaughlin

I worked in France the summer of 2009 giving tours of the Juno Beach Centre (the only Canadian World War 2 museum in France!). Imagine this page comes from the retelling of that summer. It would be near my initial arrival.

I don't know who I could possibly sucker in to drawing an autobiographical comic about me, but since I'm limited only by my imagination here, I choose to imagine it as being done by Yuko of Johnny Wander fame, because she's hyper-talented and her easy-going style is something I think would work well with my story (at least this page of it).

Three rows of panels.  First two rows each have three panels.  The last row is a single panel spanning the page.

1 – A stereotypical “cartoony” farm. Grant stands next to a cow, giving it a big ol' hug. There's a heart above his head. The cow looks appreciative of the gesture. In the background there's a barn, fence, and other farm-related things.

CAPTION: I am a man who likes his milk.

2 – Five 4-litre bags of milk (Yeah, we have bags of milk in parts of Canada.  I don't want to talk about it.). Four of the bags are circled in what looks like crayon, with a big “MINE” written nearby with an arrow pointing towards the circle. The first caption is towards the top of the page; the second caption is near the bottom.

CAPTION (1): At the time, my household was in the habit of buying 20 litres of milk a week.


CAPTION (2): I would usually drink at least 16 of those.

3 – Grant stands in a grocery store looking up at a huge display (that is currently off-panel). The size of the display casts a large shadow that dwarfs and covers Grant. Some aisles can be visible in the background, if deemed necessary. Some passing grocery shoppers, wondering what the heck Grant is so worked up about, can also be passing by, if desired.

CAPTION: So image my surprise when I arrived in France to find grocery store milk not in a fridge--

4 – Switch to a shot from behind Grant. He continues to stare at (what's revealed to be) a huge shelf full of tetrapaks (like this, except it's regular milk and not soy) .

CAPTION: But in tetrapaks.

5 – Go back to that farm scene from panel 1, but instead of Grant, we have Louis Pasteur standing next to a cow. He looks confused and is shrugging his shoulders. The cow has its back turned to him and looks standoffish.

CAPTION: Indeed, it turns out that even though their fellow countryman, Louis Pasteur, invented the thing, the French are not terribly keen on pasteurization.

6 - Grant holds a tetrapak in his hand (if further reference is needed, it's pretty much the same size of those rectangular 1 litre juice containers).  Grant wears an expression of infinite woe on his face.

CAPTION (1): Instead, they're under the impression that it is way better to boil their milk at an ultra high temperature in excess of 135°C for around 1 – 2 seconds and then to leave it outside of any type of refrigeration whatsoever.

CAPTION (2): In tetrapaks.

7 – Shot of Grant on his knees, arms raised up to the heavens in frustration. The classic “Why, God, why?!” pose.  The caption begins at the top of the panel, and along the bottom (on both sides of Grant) "IT'S THE WORST" is drawn in the same crayon style as before.

CAPTION: Believe me when I tell you --


Monday, May 21, 2012

Auto-Biograpical - Ben Rosenthal - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Ben Rosenthal is sitting at his computer.  We see him from an angle behind the computer.  He is reaching for the tower next to it, turning it on.

2. Ben is still sitting at the computer, awaiting it to boot up.

3.  Same as Panel 2.  We can see frustration in Ben's face as the monitor is still black.


4. Ben is talking at the monitor looking angry.

No, really.  You should totally not work for no reason at all.

5. Ben is standing at the computer, however the dynamics of the room have changed.  This can be a very cartoony panel, boardering on the obsurbed.  Ben is now towering to the roof, as if his rage has made him grow. The computer is small and insignificant below him.  Flames creep up along the sides of the panel, fuelled by his fury.

I will destroy you.  I shall feast on your children's tears, and will wipe your pitiful existence from this plane of reality!

6. Same as Panel 5, however Ben has noticed something on the monitor. One eyebrow is raised.


7. Same as Panel 2. Ben is sitting at the computer once again, calmly switching on the power button for the computer monitor.  The screen now illuminates the room.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

autobiographical - ryan k lindsay

1. Wide panel. Ryan sits hunched at a desk, his desk. His head is down, his eyes are focused.

Caption: I'm writing.

2. The exact same panel.


3. The exact same panel.


4. The exact same panel.


5. The exact same panel.

Caption: It's not exactly a spectator sport.
Caption: Sorry.

Why Go Autobiographical?

To celebrate two years of scripting, we all thought it would be nice to write an autobiographical script. It would tell you a little bit more about ourselves and it might be fun to also analyse ourselves. There are plenty of good autobiographical comics out there, so here you'll get a tease for six more.

This is a pretty loose set up, it can be a moment from now, or before, or maybe even after if you want to get all crazy. As long as it's about you we'll be fine.

Have fun and instead of writing about someone who doesn't exist get a little real. Let's find out who you are.

Two Years Writing Scripts

I'm very proud of this site. thoughtballoons has been running for two years and that means I've dropped over 100 scripts without missing a week. Over a hundred scripts is no mean feat. Some of them have been terribly average, maybe even a few just plain terrible, and then there are some of which I am incredibly proud. But quality aside, I've been proud to just hit the deadlines, and I've been really happy to always have a reason to have the creative juices flowing.

That's what thoughtballoons is about - keeping you writing, keeping you wanting to write. Some weeks it can be hard but those weeks are worth it for the scripts that absolutely sing. If you write then you know exactly what I'm talking about. That moment where you look at a script, and in your eyes it is perfect, you feel just...godly. There really is nothing better - and to have a weekly opportunity to crest this mountain, it's just fantastic.

I have appreciated the community that has built here over 104 weeks. The feedback channels and bonds built are the sort of things I love best about the comics community. I have friends for life, future collaborators, and people I can laugh with. I do this site to learn, about the craft, and I do it because it's fun. It fun to intact and to not be writing in a vacuum.

It feels like there isn't much more this site can do, if I'm to be honest. And that's fine with me. I'm happy if it just keeps on keeping on. Perhaps it never needs to get any larger. I'd prefer it to just mean something to the people who do come here. I'd prefer to look back in another 8 years and see 500 of my scripts available for anyone to see. I think that would be one hell of a mean feat.

I have to take this soapbox to thank my fellow tenured writers. I passionately adore each of them and it's nice to know they've got my back. I can run silly ideas past them, or help them out with their needs, and that sort of thing is invaluable in what we do. If you look behind the curtain, you will find people passionate about writing. We all have other irons in the fire and seeing the slew of comics and pitches and one-shots and ideas flowing from this crew is astounding. The future of comics is right here just waiting to sieze their chance - or they already are siezing it right now.

I also want to take this moment to announce our new tenures. We've picked some new blood from the little writer's challenge we ran during our Avengersthon a month ago. Please welcome to the fold:
J.D. Coughlan
Niel Jacoby
Ray - the American Zombie!
These guys really wowed the tenures with their dedication, hard work, and sheer skill. It's a pleasure to have them on board.
Now, to you, the constant readers, I thank you for turning up. I hope each time you come here you find something inspiring or interesting that makes you want to go off and write. I very much see this as a site by writers for writers and this shared process is always fun for me.

I don't want to stop doing this. That is my intention. What is yours? What does this site mean to you, and what would you like to see us do?

Thanks, and here's to hundreds more.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tony Chu – Beats – Ryan K Lindsay

1. A wide panel showing hands close together, they are in cuffs. The hands have a reddish/purple stain right up them, they have been rubbed with beets and their juices.


2. A man sits in the back seat of a police car. We see most of his skin is stained this reddish/purple blotch. If we can squeeze the corner/side of Tony’s head in the side/corner of the panel as he drives the car, that’s cool, if not then the balloon with point to off panel toward the driver’s seat.

Tony: I can’t believe you thought that would work.

3. Tony’s police car drives toward the police station.

Tony: Behind the cibopath headlines, I’m still a really good cop.
Criminal: Sorry.
Tony: Shut up.
Caption: "Earlier..."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tony Chu- Camelot Spamalot -Dan Hill

Disclaimer: I've only read the first trade of Chew, despite being a big fan of the concept and art. That said, this script is firmly set in the early days of Tony's career. The character of Josiah Drake is meant as a foil, a dark mirror of Tony himself:

Page Twenty One (8 panels)

The page consists of four tiers of two equally sized panels.

Panel 1

Tight on TONY CHU, his gun drawn pointing to the right of the panel. He’s wearing a shirt and a loose tie (cotton trousers and a pair of loafers too-- which we can’t see, but I don’t want you to picture his bottom half naked, you know?)

It’s night and we can see a fire door behind Tony. We’re on the roof of a tenement building somewhere in the city.

TONY:  Freeze, Josiah!

TONY:  Nowhere left to go.

Panel 2

JOSIAH DRAKE faces camera, his hands up in surrender. He stands near the edge of the roof. A second more and he would have leapt to the next building over, about 8-10 feet away.

Josiah is in his early thirties with piercing blue eyes and hair so blonde it’s almost white.  He’s wearing a shirt and tie under a sharp Vivienne Westwood suit, all grey and clean lines. Despite the fact he’s been running flat out from Tony, not a hair looks out of place. This guy makes everything seem effortless.

Betraying his look are the crusty traces of a grey and yellow-ish liquid around Josiah’s mouth.

JOSIAH:  Maybe.

Panel 3

Back on Tony, gun still drawn.

TONY:  Stay where you are. They’re coming for you.

JOSIAH (OFF):  You sure?

TONY:  You’re confident for a man with his hands up.

Panel 4

Tight on Josiah, stern faced.

JOSIAH:  So certain of your system. Your rules. Your structure.

JOSIAH:  I’d wager you'd go crazy without them. Like your brother.

Panel 5

Close up on Tony. He’s starting to lose his cool.

TONY:  Crazy? You ate President Kennedy’s brain!

TONY:  And for what? Money? Power?

Panel 6

Back on Josiah. He ponders Tony’s words.

JOSIAH:  Hmm. Yes...

Panel 7

Fixed panel. Josiah looks up, a small smile playing across his lips.


Panel 8

Fixed panel. Josiah’s smile breaks out into a wide, flashy grin-- a shark with a set of shiny white teeth.

JOSIAH:  But it tasted so good.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tony Chu – Eat ‘It – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: TONY CHU is at his desk, but looks up as AMELIA MINTZ enters through a nearby door.

AMELIA MINTZ: I have good news and bad new.

Panel 2: AMELIA MINTZ looks nervous as she tries to explain the current situation.

AMELIA MINTZ (1): They finally found Mr. G.

TONY CHU: And the bad news is?

AMELIA MINTZ (2): He was in Florida.

Panel 3: TONY looks at AMELIA with a confused look.

TONY CHU: How is that…

AMELIA MINTZ: An alligator found him first.

Panel 4: Beat panel. TONY and AMELIA look at each other.

Panel 5: TONY slumps back into his chair.

TONY CHU: And the alligator already ate him?


TONY CHU: Was he still inside the alligator?


Panel 6: TONY slouches in his chair, eyes closed as he contemplates what it means.

TONY CHU: So you’re telling me he’s now…


TONY CHU: And the only way to interrogate him now is…

AMELIA MINTZ: As far as they’re aware.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tony Chu - Missing the Point - Grant McLaughlin

Page 22

Among the various plot points leading up to this final page, Tony has gathered together a whole bunch of his close associates and friends (including his sister Toni, his daughter Olive, his girlfriend Amelia, Agent Colby, Caesar Valenzo, and anyone else that might seem appropriate – I include Poyo in that category) for reasons that we don't have to go into here. What does matter is that Tony also accidentally ate some dirt (due to some hilarious series of unlikely events that I'll leave to your imagination) and got a cibopathic reading off of it. Indeed, it was a pretty intense one, where he realized that the gob of earth had thoughts, dreams, aspirations, and the like. Shocked and surprised, he just announced on the previous page to everyone in the room that “The Earth is ALIVE!”

Four panels of equal size. Each one stretches the width of the page. Each panel has an identically placed and sized inset panel towards the right hand side.

1 – Shot of everyone but Tony (who is off-panel). They look towards Tony (and, consequently, the reader) with blank stares. Poyo is perhaps the most confused, cocking his head to the side.  No dialogue.

1.1 – Inset panel on the right hand side. It's Tony Chu. He is confused at everyone's confusion.

TONY: What?

2 – Shot of everyone. More or less the same, with some slight movement on everyone's part as they speak or think to themselves.

AGENT COLBY: Are you trying to tell us that you've never eaten dirt before?

CAESAR: The bigger kids on the playground didn't force you to chow down on some good ol' terra firma?

2.1 – Back to Tony. He is still confused, but it's definitely moving towards annoyance.

TONY: I hardly see how it's rele--

3 – Shot of everyone. Olive speaks up here. Everyone looks towards her.

OLIVE: Not once? You really expect us to believe that?

3.1 – Back to Tony. It's full on annoyance now.

TONY: This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I was actually quite popular in school.

4 – Same shot as panel 1. Everyone is confused again.  No dialogue.

4.1 – Back to Tony. Annoyance has given way to exasperation mixed with defeat.

TONY (1): *grumble*

TONY (2): Let's just get back to this Earth thing...


Monday, May 14, 2012

Tony Chu - Twenty Three Times - Ben Rosenthal

1. Tony Chu is sitting in a dimly lit apartment. It is messy, with Tony wearing a singlet, boxers  and stubble.  His knees are folded up to his chest, and he is looking down at his toes (off panel, although we can tell he is holding his foot by the way he is seated).

I don't remember a thing about that night.

One moment I'm having the time of my life, the next I've called up half of the room.

2.  Same as Panel 1, however Tony's face is in screwed up in pain.

I have to know.

3.  Same framing as Panel 1. Tony holds his bloody little toe in between his fingers.  He looks at it with curiosity.

You are what you eat, huh?

4. Same as the other panels, with Tony throwing his toe into his mouth, ready to consume.

Let's test that theory.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tony Chu – Pulp Chicken – Shaun Richens.

1,2 and 3 make up the top row and are the smallest panels.
4,5 and 6 a second slightly bigger row.
7,8, and 9 the bottom and biggest row. Not much bigger than row 2 though.

1. TONY CHU has just walked into his kitchen at home. He is standing in the doorway, a fridge to one side, a work surface with a toaster on on the other side. An open box of pop tarts sits next to the toaster.

2. A close up on TONY’s face, he looks very confused and puzzled by whatever he is looking at.

3. Cut to a sheathed Katana lying on the work side.

4. TONY has picked up the sword and has pulled it slightly from the sheath, the blade glistening in the dull light of his apartment kitchen.

            SFX (OFF PANEL):

5. TONY turns to face the bathroom door at the back of his kitchen after hearing the toilet flush. The blade now readied in his hands he waits to see whom the intruder is.

6. The bathroom door now open we see a NINJA stood helpless looking on at TONY as he holds his bathroom reading material in one hand.

6.1.  A small inlaid panel. A close up on the book that the Ninja holds. The title of the book reads, HOW TO COOK THE PERFECT CHICKEN.

7. A shot over TONY’s shoulder looking at the NINJA in the bathroom doorway.

8. Cut to an over the shoulder shot of the NINJA as he looks at TONY. TONY is still holding the Katana in both hands. He looks like a bad ass.

8.1 A small inlaid panel. Two pop tarts pop from the toaster.


9. TONY raises the sword above his head and screams.

   HI YA. 

Why Tony Chu?

I have three reasons why I picked Tony Chu…

First Tony Chu is a Cibopathic, which means when he takes a bite out of say an apple he gets a feeling in his head about it, what tree it came from, who picked it, when it was harvested, or lets say he was to nimble on a dead guy he may just discover how he ended up dead. This makes Tony a damn good detective.

Secondly Chew is one of the single best comics on shelves today and not enough people read it. It is funny, action packed and so damn witty. So I want this week to be a chance for us to highlight why people should be reading this book.

And lastly…. Oh come on did you not read reason one? The dude can see into the past being eating. That’s awesome.

So lets just take Tony out for dinner and see where the night takes us shall we.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Animal Man – Hollywood - Shaun Richens.


1,2,3 Are all equal size and make up the top row. 4 is a ¾ splash.

1. Close up on the word TIGHTS as it is being typed into an Internet search bar.

2. A list of top searches has appeared. The top one is an IMDB result for the Movie TIGHTS.

3. The poster for the movie TIGHTS fills most of this panel, we see a small close up picture of BUDDY BAKER in the cast list underneath.

4. We pull really far back to an over the shoulder shot of BUDDY BAKER sat at a computer screen looking at the user reviews for the indie movie TIGHTS that he starred in.
On screen we can read the following:

2/10 stars – 5 MAY 2012
Daranovsky has been let down by the wooden performance of his “star” washed up B list superhero Buddy Baker.

9/10 stars. – 3 MAY 2012
One of the best films of 2012, Buddy Baker is a star in the making.

5/10 stars – 3 MAY 2012
Not a bad flick, it’s kinda hard to take a guy in tights serious though, it’d be like watching a drama about a wrestler.

Read more user reviews….

Hollywood is harder than being a real hero. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Animal Man -Legacy- Dan Hill

A little bit of a misunderstanding on my part meant I thought I was up against it time wise with this one, so apologies if it seems a little rushed.

The basic setup is that the scene takes place just before the Lemire/Foreman series and involves Buddy and Congorilla about to go and meet the man they've deemed worthy of taking up the mantle of Freedom Beast.


Panel One

We open on a wide panel of BUDDY and CONGORILLA sat on a large branch of a thick, ancient tree somewhere in the African jungle. They are about ten or fifteen feet above the jungle floor.

Shafts of daylight stream down from above them and they sit with their back to us. Buddy, on the left of the panel, is out of uniform wearing a pair of cargo shorts (shirtless Buddy is so in this year). Congorilla, on the right of the panel, is holding Freedom Beast's helmet in front of him, though we can’t see it clearly yet.

CONGORILLA:  I’ve seen the brother of a war hero cower and run.

CONGORILLA:  I’ve watched a traitor’s son throw himself on a grenade for Queen and country.

Panel Two

Cut to a tight shot on Congorilla, looking up at him slightly as if from the point of view of the helmet. He's pensive, this decision is weighing heaving on his mind.

CONGORILLA:  Legacies are a funny thing. They can be a burden and a blessing.

Panel Three

Cut to a tight shot on Buddy. He looks to his right (our left) towards Congorilla.

BUDDY:  Bill, you’re preaching to the choir.

Panel Four

Cut to a wide panel and a shot of Bwana Beast’s helmet as held by Congorilla.

BUDDY (OP):  I’m a lucky man. No hexes. No time travel.

BUDDY (OP):  No ring, cape, or helmet to pass on.

Panel Five

Another wide panel, this time we get a shot looking up at Buddy and Congorilla as they jump down from the branch to the jungle below.

BUDDY:  Ellen would kill me if I even tried.

Panel Six (Inset of Panel Seven)

Tight on Buddy smiling at Congorilla, his arm motioning in an ‘after you’ gesture.

BUDDY:  Come on...

Panel Seven

Wide panel. In the background of the panel we can see Buddy and Congorilla, their backs to us, walking into the jungle.

In the foreground of the panel a red python slithers through the undergrowth.

BUDDY:  We’ll let him decide.