Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Animal Man – Baker & Grodd’s Outrageous Adventure! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(The efforts of ANIMAL MAN to avert a war between mankind and apes led by GORILLA GRODD have resulted in the two taking a road trip together.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Arial shot of ANIMAL MAN and GORILLA GRODD riding in a jeep across a remote road in the African countryside. ANIMAL MAN is at the wheel.

ANIMAL MAN: Believe me, I want to be on your side, Mr. Grodd. I really do.

Panel 2: Panel set in front of the jeep as it drives down the road. GRODD looks rather annoyed at his present situation.

ANIMAL MAN (1): I’d like to think that the name ‘Animal Man’ isn’t just because of my powers.

ANIMAL MAN (2): I’d also like to think it’s because I’m a friend to all animals.

Panel 3: GRODD looks at animal man with a sinister scowl. His index finger presses against the side of an unconcerned ANIMAL MAN’s head.

GORILLA GRODD: Before we are through here, I will thoroughly enjoy consuming your brain.

Panel 4: Panel set not far ahead of where the jeep is, showing a bridge that GRODD and ANIMAL MAN are about to cross.

ANIMAL MAN: That is exactly the thing I’m talking about, Mr. Grodd.

Panel 5: Panel in front of the jeep. GRODD has his face in the palm of his hand as if to say ‘I can’t believe I’m putting up with this.’

ANIMAL MAN: Your constant aggression and threats to eat peoples brains is why I have such reservations about helping you.

Panel 6: ANIMAL MAN offhandedly points a finger at GRODD. GRODD looks forward as if to say ‘wait. Why should I have to put up with this?’

ANIMAL MAN (1): You know what I think, Mr. Grodd?

ANIMAL MAN (2): I think you have anger issues.


(Grant Offered/Requested a time swap this week to give him more time to work on his script, which is why you're getting my ridiculous little Grodd/Animal Man team-up script right now instead of whatever Grant has planned.)


  1. This, more than anything, I want to read more of.

  2. Yeah, this definitely feels like something that could sustain an issue at least.

  3. Not exactly what I would ever expect to read in an Animal Man issue. However I couldn't help but really enjoy this. It was a really interesting way to use the powers of the character that I would never have thought of. Like J.D and Niel have said, I would read more of this?

  4. Thanks again for the switch, MK. But more than that, thanks for an awesome script. Road trip stories are some of the best, and a couple as odd as Animal Man and Grodd would make for terrific reading. Thanks for suggesting and providing the proof of that.

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  6. This is great, MK. You have set up a really cool dynamic between the two characters - what is more you set up e two characters in 6 panel extremely well. Great work man!

  7. Good character work and dialogue, and funny to boot!


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