Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Animal Man - Family Ties - Grant McLaughlin

A quiet scene in the Baker household, a handful of years before all the badness and madness that is the current Animal storyline.  Simpler times.

The first three panels take up the top third of the page, while the fourth panel takes up the remaining two thirds.

1 – Ellen and Mary are in the kitchen, washing dishes. Ellen is washing and Mary is drying. Mary is looking out the window and smiling inwardly. Ellen looks up towards her mother.

MARY: *sigh*

ELLEN: What is it, Mom?

2 – Close-up on Mary. She's looking towards Ellen (and the reader), wearing a genuine smile.

MARY: Honey, I know that I've been hard on him, but when I see him with your kids, part of me can't help but see how special Buddy really is.

3 – Switch to Ellen. Her full attention is on her mother. She is happy and relieved to hear such words from her mother's mouth. She's smiling, with some tears welling in the corners of her eyes.

ELLEN (1): ...

ELLEN (2): Thanks, Mom.

4 – An outside shot of the house. Both Ellen and Mary are visible through the window, hugging. However, the main focus is on Buddy playing with Cliff and Maxine (who are younger than they are in the current series). I'm open for how exactly the father and his children are playing, although I would like something physical where they're all touching in some way to emphasize how close they are. Maybe have one child hanging from his outstretched arm while the other runs or crawls between his legs. The important thing is that they're all having a great time, wearing huge grins and laughing.

ELLEN (caption): That means a lot.


  1. Great example of the "domesticated" side of Animal Man. And good to see that the MIL doesn't completely hate him.

  2. Really great look into the family drama which is the real heart of what I love about the Animal Man series. This reads really truthfully and full of nice genuine moments. Lovely page.

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  4. Man, those bicycles sound cool - after I finish this post I'm totally clicking on those non suspect links!

    A nice simple page, Grant. If I can be perfectly honest, I was expecting for the last panel to be Baker giving the kids a 'Horsey ride' (him on all fours, kids on his back), but making it extra fun for the kids by using his powers to give them an extreme horsey ride.

  5. I like to ride my bicycle.

    Like Ben I expected some kind of powers in the last panel but in the context of the page and what you're trying to say here I think it works without the powers.

    This is about Buddy being a good father, the powers don't come into it. Nice page.


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