Friday, May 11, 2012

Animal Man – Hollywood - Shaun Richens.


1,2,3 Are all equal size and make up the top row. 4 is a ¾ splash.

1. Close up on the word TIGHTS as it is being typed into an Internet search bar.

2. A list of top searches has appeared. The top one is an IMDB result for the Movie TIGHTS.

3. The poster for the movie TIGHTS fills most of this panel, we see a small close up picture of BUDDY BAKER in the cast list underneath.

4. We pull really far back to an over the shoulder shot of BUDDY BAKER sat at a computer screen looking at the user reviews for the indie movie TIGHTS that he starred in.
On screen we can read the following:

2/10 stars – 5 MAY 2012
Daranovsky has been let down by the wooden performance of his “star” washed up B list superhero Buddy Baker.

9/10 stars. – 3 MAY 2012
One of the best films of 2012, Buddy Baker is a star in the making.

5/10 stars – 3 MAY 2012
Not a bad flick, it’s kinda hard to take a guy in tights serious though, it’d be like watching a drama about a wrestler.

Read more user reviews….

Hollywood is harder than being a real hero. 


  1. Brilliant little self contained piece here Shaun. I chuckled. Good work man.

  2. Nice short piece that is pretty much an entire story in one page.

    Kind of like a comic version of those six word stories.


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