Sunday, May 6, 2012

Animal Man – Hunted – Ryan K Lindsay


1. Wide and thin panel atop the page. Mid-shot. Animal Man lies face down in the mud, he is in pain. He is shirtless with the pants, his usual look this past year. Rain pours down and all is dark; it is night and only the moon casts a faint light through the canopy of the rainforest.

Animal Man: …uugghhhh…

2. Wide shot. This panel is the rest of the page. Animal Man is still down in the mud, at the bottom of the page, and we can now see behind him all of the rainforest lit up by a lightning strike. Standing proudly in the rainforest, reading to pounce from his perch, is Kraven the Hunter.

Hunted: Part 1
Written by Ryan K Lindsay

Caption: Next month: EXTINCTION!

I know, this is barely a script and more a high concept. But be damned if it isn't one that made me smile. I'd love to see this crossover happen. I mean, I could have created my own DC hunter character, or maybe there even is one already, but I liked the aesthetic on this page.

Imagine if this just happened in the Animal Man book without warning, no fanfare, just a sneaky crossover. That would be rad.


  1. As far as crossover ideas go, this one is both brilliant and obvious in hindsight.

  2. I'm very happy I got to go first, that's for sure. I'm sure someone else was thinking it.

  3. A tip of the cap to you on this one Ryan, such a wonderful idea but not one that even crossed my mind. The page layout and credit captions makes me think of the opening sequence to an indie flick which is an aesthetic really in keeping with the tone of the book. Bloody brilliant stuff mate.

  4. Good idea for a mashup/crossover.

    I got a kind of pulpy/melodrama tone from the two panels-- like one of those movies they'd make in the 30's or 40's set in the deepest jungles of Africa but entirely shot on a soundstage (I think it's the lightning that plants that seed in my head).

  5. Oh, so Ryan can have Kraven hunt a man and everyone loves it, but when I have him knock off the Pet Avengers I get booed out of the joint :p

    Tight page man, I like.


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