Thursday, May 10, 2012

Animal Man -Legacy- Dan Hill

A little bit of a misunderstanding on my part meant I thought I was up against it time wise with this one, so apologies if it seems a little rushed.

The basic setup is that the scene takes place just before the Lemire/Foreman series and involves Buddy and Congorilla about to go and meet the man they've deemed worthy of taking up the mantle of Freedom Beast.


Panel One

We open on a wide panel of BUDDY and CONGORILLA sat on a large branch of a thick, ancient tree somewhere in the African jungle. They are about ten or fifteen feet above the jungle floor.

Shafts of daylight stream down from above them and they sit with their back to us. Buddy, on the left of the panel, is out of uniform wearing a pair of cargo shorts (shirtless Buddy is so in this year). Congorilla, on the right of the panel, is holding Freedom Beast's helmet in front of him, though we can’t see it clearly yet.

CONGORILLA:  I’ve seen the brother of a war hero cower and run.

CONGORILLA:  I’ve watched a traitor’s son throw himself on a grenade for Queen and country.

Panel Two

Cut to a tight shot on Congorilla, looking up at him slightly as if from the point of view of the helmet. He's pensive, this decision is weighing heaving on his mind.

CONGORILLA:  Legacies are a funny thing. They can be a burden and a blessing.

Panel Three

Cut to a tight shot on Buddy. He looks to his right (our left) towards Congorilla.

BUDDY:  Bill, you’re preaching to the choir.

Panel Four

Cut to a wide panel and a shot of Bwana Beast’s helmet as held by Congorilla.

BUDDY (OP):  I’m a lucky man. No hexes. No time travel.

BUDDY (OP):  No ring, cape, or helmet to pass on.

Panel Five

Another wide panel, this time we get a shot looking up at Buddy and Congorilla as they jump down from the branch to the jungle below.

BUDDY:  Ellen would kill me if I even tried.

Panel Six (Inset of Panel Seven)

Tight on Buddy smiling at Congorilla, his arm motioning in an ‘after you’ gesture.

BUDDY:  Come on...

Panel Seven

Wide panel. In the background of the panel we can see Buddy and Congorilla, their backs to us, walking into the jungle.

In the foreground of the panel a red python slithers through the undergrowth.

BUDDY:  We’ll let him decide.


  1. This is an awesome page. I love your layout, it really works for flow and makes it such an easy script to follow. Your panel descriptions are always just the right amount you give just enough poetic notions or funny additions that give an insight into you as writer. Also panel 4 kills. You're dialogue nods to the new run on Animal Man so nicely. Great damn page mate.

  2. Going to echo Shaun's comments here - your panel descriptions and dialogue are second to none, Dan. A great, nice flowing page. Excellent work.


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