Monday, May 7, 2012

Animal Man - Primal Instinct - Ben Rosenthal

1. Buddy Baker sleeps in his bed. From the way the sheets are rustled, we can see that he has not been sleeping soundly.

He can absorb the abilities of any animal.

2. A close up of half of Buddy's face.  His eye has snapped open.

The proportional strength of an ant. The leap of a flea. He takes the best attributes of any animal.

2. A deer is running through the woods, panic on its face.

I don't see what the problem is. He sounds quite valuable.

3.  A silhouette from the side. It is of the deer being caught by some kind of predatory animal, although we cannot tell what it is.

I'm just worried-

4. Buddy Bucky is crouched over the dead deer. It's stomach is split, as Buddy devours it's intestines.

-that he doesn't give all the attributes back.


  1. Ben, this is actually really cool. I think you've matched the words and theme of the page with the actions pretty darn well. I'm impressed.

    I'm also impressed how your Bizarro Dali script physics fu allows for there to be two second panels at the same time. Is there some sort of overlay transparency in the issue because that sounds like a collector's item to me :)

    No prize, thank you.

  2. I am with Mr Lindsay on this Ben, strikingly brilliant page mate. The tone and feel fits in with the Animal Man I have been reading. That final panel weather its 4 or 5 :) works really well for me as a visceral punch to go out on.

  3. Nice concept that plays with some of the horror aspects that previous (and the current one too) runs have provided.

    Intrigued as to who the narrators are too.

  4. @Ryan and Shaun - thank ye. As for the mysterious numbering - I don't proof read my posts. Surprising, huh? No No-Prize for you, Moneyshot.

    @Dan - truth be told, I have no idea. I needed a catalyst for e story, and just though of two government people talking about recruiting Animal Man.


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