Monday, May 21, 2012

Auto-Biograpical - Ben Rosenthal - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Ben Rosenthal is sitting at his computer.  We see him from an angle behind the computer.  He is reaching for the tower next to it, turning it on.

2. Ben is still sitting at the computer, awaiting it to boot up.

3.  Same as Panel 2.  We can see frustration in Ben's face as the monitor is still black.


4. Ben is talking at the monitor looking angry.

No, really.  You should totally not work for no reason at all.

5. Ben is standing at the computer, however the dynamics of the room have changed.  This can be a very cartoony panel, boardering on the obsurbed.  Ben is now towering to the roof, as if his rage has made him grow. The computer is small and insignificant below him.  Flames creep up along the sides of the panel, fuelled by his fury.

I will destroy you.  I shall feast on your children's tears, and will wipe your pitiful existence from this plane of reality!

6. Same as Panel 5, however Ben has noticed something on the monitor. One eyebrow is raised.


7. Same as Panel 2. Ben is sitting at the computer once again, calmly switching on the power button for the computer monitor.  The screen now illuminates the room.



  1. How many of us have never encountered THAT problem before? :-P

  2. Ben - this is why I don't drink coffee. Caffeine rage does not help. Ever.

  3. Windows? :-P

    Solid page that builds to a fun last panel.

    Also, I've noticed a lot of humour in the pages this week.

  4. Funny page, and a really nice human moment captured perfectly in a few panels. You put a little smile on my face Ben, wonderfully handled piece mate.

  5. Just wait til that happens to you with a laptop...great bit!


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