Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Autobiographical – How A Thought Balloons Script Is Written - MK Stangeland Jr.

(9 Panels)

OVER PANELS 1-3: Method A

Panel 1: MK STANGELAND JR (MKSJ) sits at his desk with his laptop in front of him. He looks at his computer and strokes his chin.

MKSJ: Ooo, that character! I know what I can do for them.

Panel 2: MKSJ leans over his computer. His arms look like he’s typing fervently.

SFX: type type type type type

SFX: *enter*

Panel 3: MKSJ leans back in his chair. His arms are crossed in front of him and he has a satisfied look on his face.

MKSJ: Now I wait.

OVER PANELS 4-6: Method B

Panel 4: MKSJ leans over to take a close look at his computer screen. He has a confused look on his face.

MKSJ: Who? I have no idea who that is.

Panel 5: MKSJ is hunched over his computer. His arms flail about as he works fervently.




Panel 6: MKSJ Leans back in his chair. He looks worn out.

MKSJ: Just in time.

OVER PANELS 7-9: Method C

Panel 7: A thought balloon with gears inside it appears over MKSJ’s head. His eyes show determination.

Panel 8: A light bulb flashed over MKSJ’s head.

MKSJ: Ooo! I like that idea!

Panel 9: MKSJ sits in his chair, disappointed.

MKSJ: Now if only someone would pick a character I could use it for.


And now, a bonus - I decided that, due to various reasons that include having been around as one of the tenured writers for a full year, I would try my hand at doing the art for the above script as well. So here it is.

I was going to do an inked version, but in the end that part of the idea kind of died out.


  1. Love it! By itself, this is a very fun look into your thought balloons creative process, but when I saw that you took a stab at drawing it out, I was won over. That third panel in each Method gets better each and every time. Very nice, MK.

  2. I second on the thumbnail plotting. Love the facial expressions. Especially panel 3, with its Mr. Burns-esque hand-wringing "Exsss-cellent" vibe to it. Cool stuff.

  3. I think we all feel this way, ha. Nice work drawing it, too.

  4. Funny honest and so on the nose. This is the writing life of a Thoughtballoons writer. Also really nice little pice of at work, your character expressions really added to the layer of humor already on display in the script.


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