Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Autobiographical- Rituals -Dan Hill

Yeah, so I went for abstract and pretentious.

Panel One
Tight shot on DAN lying on his side in bed, his head on a pillow. His eyes are open.


Panel Two
Shot from behind Dan as he stretches in front of a window. The white wooden blinds are drawn tight but we can see sunlight filtering through slightly. Dan is wearing a black cotton wife beater and boxers (form a line ladies).

CAPTION:  On the field of the Self--

Panel Three
Close up on Dan's hands as he operates the roller to open the blinds.

CAPTION:  --stand a knight and a dragon.

Panel Four
Close up on Dan's eyes, squinting slightly at the sun, as he looks through the new-found gap in the blinds.

CAPTION:  You are the knight.

Panel Five
From Dan's POV looking through the window and across the skyline. We see the tops of houses stretching into the distance. The horizon is dominated by the green mounds of the Malvern hills.


CAPTION:  Resistance is the dragon.

Panel Six
Inset panel. Close up on Dan, a small smile playing across his lips.



  1. a) You have the nicest countryside to contemplate?

    b) I'd never actually heard that saying before, but I really liked your use of it. Nice use of imagery as you string it along towards that final panel.

    c) I enjoyed the "get in line ladies" maybe a little too much?

  2. Damn, this page is tight. So much happening while nothing happens. Genius.

    Yeah, the ladies are surely in line, ha.

  3. Cheers guys. I have to admit there's an entire hidden layer to this strip to do with those set of hills in particular and their relation to someone.

  4. Abstract, clever, tight and witty. I have come to expect nothing less from you mate. Great work.

  5. The 6th panel is what does it for me. It's a perfect moment. Nicely done...


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