Sunday, May 20, 2012

autobiographical - ryan k lindsay

1. Wide panel. Ryan sits hunched at a desk, his desk. His head is down, his eyes are focused.

Caption: I'm writing.

2. The exact same panel.


3. The exact same panel.


4. The exact same panel.


5. The exact same panel.

Caption: It's not exactly a spectator sport.
Caption: Sorry.

This is my life. And it's ending one minute at a time.

When I write, it generally looks the same. And I'm always bloody writing.


  1. Oddly enough, I would have expected your life to be more exciting somehow.

  2. When you're rolling large and sipping appletinis with Snyder if will be more interesting. Until then - No copy for you

  3. On which note, I have to ask something that's been on my mind - What exactly does 'No Copy' mean and why do I see it written in so many of Ryan's scripts?

  4. NO COPY means there are no words in that panel. I stole it from a Greg Rucka script and never looked back.

    And my life is not exciting, it's just nappies, writing, teaching, writing, and a hot wife :D Not exciting at all.

  5. Now I finally understand where you "Live Fast, Die Young" mantra comes from.

  6. I'm almost a member of the 'No Copy' club. Though sometimes I randomly change it to 'No Dialogue'.

    The page sums up what drudgery writing must look like to those looking in. It doesn't look exciting, but inside the mind it's a veritable firework factory.

    Unless the words aren't coming. Then it's a stone factory and each of the little gnomes inside try unsuccessfully to wring blood out of every little rock that comes down the conveyor belt.

  7. Lindsay you devil, with 5 panels, all the same and three captions you have crafted one of the most thought provoking and truly honest pages in comics. You are a word wizard good sir. Great bloody page.

  8. This really brought out a chuckle. I always love a good repeating panel gag.


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