Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Autobiographical - Typical laptop session - Ray Wonsowski

Panel 1 - The AMERICAN ZOMBIE sits, facing us, at his laptop at the kitchen table.  His eyes are glazed over as the screen casts its sickly glow upon his face.  Thought balloons ring his head.

TB:  scrpt

TB:  blls

TB:  "i" key broken agan

TB:  sht

Panel 2 - Same as above, but two boys are running behind him.  The 7-year old is holding his Iron Man action figure up high in front of him.  The 4-year old is chasing him, Hulk action figure in one hand, Thor in the other.  Thor's hammer was lost, so there is a little red guitar in its grip.  A.Z. is getting frustrated.  More thought balloons about his head.

7-YR:  Whoosshhh!!!

4-YR:  RAAAaarrrgghh!!!

TB:  school

TB:  ups¡de down exclamat¡on po¡nt looks l¡ke an "i"

TB:  w¡fe

Panel 3 - Same as above, except the 7-year old has run off panel, and the 4-year old is looking over A.Z.'s shoulder.  A.Z.  Looks even more flustered under the pressure

TB:  $

TB:  no $

4-YR:  Whatcha doin'?  Wanna play?

Panel 4 - Same as above, except A.Z. is rubbing his tired eyes.  The 4-year old puts the Thor with the red guitar on the table next to the laptop.

A.Z.:  Dude, l would so love to, but Papa's got a lot of work to do.

4-YR:  You can be Sammy Hagar Thor.

Panel 5 - Same as panel 1, except A.Z. is looking at the toy, not the laptop.

4-YR:  (off-panel)  RAAARRrrrggghh!!!

Panel 6 - A.Z. gets up from the table, moving off panel, Thor in hand.  Small dust cloud behind him as he abandons his laptop to join the fun.

A.Z.:  WHOOOOooooshh!!!

CAPTION:  "A day that fills the heart with remorse and fear cannot be called a day of amusement."
- Don Bosco


  1. What a way to start, nice.

    Now stop playing and get back to work.

  2. Damn this was a good page. That opening panel and clever use of the broken key gag was a wonderfully opener and something that could only work in comics, you build up from that point to some heart melting moments. Great work.

  3. A really touching piece that does a good job of bringing along some humour for the ride. Like Shaun, I really dug the 'i' gag. Very cute.

    Also: Sammy Hagar Thor jokes never get old.


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