Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Avengers- A Day Like No Other -Dan Hill

I just went with something classic and simple this time around.

A Day Like No Other

Page 22 (8 panels)

This page is made up of two tiers of three small vertical panels followed by two page width panels stacked atop each other.

Panel One
We OPEN on a shot of THOR. Parts of his armour are smashed and he grits his teeth in pain.

CAPTAIN AMERICA (OFF):  I need you all to focus--

Panel Two
On CAPTAIN AMERICA, holding his infamous shield. His suit is charred and ripped in places.

CAPTAIN AMERICA:  --we are it

CAPTAIN AMERICA: The last line.

Panel Three
On IRON MAN. The joints in his armour shoot out sparks. It looks battered and scorched. It’s seen better days.

CAPTAIN AMERICA (OFF):  Richards and the Nullifier, The Guardians, all gone.

Panel Four
On HAWKEYE. He clutches at a wound on his side. It looks nasty-- mortal even. For support, his arm is wrapped around Black Widow’s shoulder off panel.

CAPTAIN AMERICA (OFF):  No second chances.

Panel Five
On HULK. Part of his hair is singed along with his skin. It looks like he’s been subject to a barrage of missiles and explosives.

CAPTAIN AMERICA (OFF):  Hold the line.

Panel Six
On BLACK WIDOW. She has a deep gash on her left arm. Her other arm is around the shoulder of HAWKEYE who’s off panel.

CAPTAIN AMERICA (OFF):  Watch your sectors.

Panel Seven
Wide panel. A main street somewhere in New York City runs down the center of the panel. Approaching us is what only can be described as an invasion force-- armies of Norse myth and legend fill the ground and skies (here be Dragon's) combined with futuristic looking shock troops sporting weaponry far in advance of anything we’ve ever seen. The entire panel is thick with this otherworldly army like a swarm of locusts.

At the head of the armies are LOKI and KANG. Both look incredibly regal and proud of themselves. Around them the city lies in ruins, buildings spew smoke and the street is dotted with craters and debris.




Panel Eight
Wide panel. The Avenger’s seen in the previous panels face us, the ruined landscape surrounding them.

Behind them stand every single hero and heroine who’s ever been part of the Avenger’s as far as the eye can see. They all face forward, ready to face the oncoming onslaught with everything they’ve got.


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