Friday, May 4, 2012

The Avengers – In The Hall Of The Mountain King – Shaun Richens

PAGE 10.

We are in a great and huge Asgardian hall. Torches hang and glow brightly from all the walls. Sitting high in the centre of the hall is LOKI. He wears a magnificent golden crown atop his head. He is sitting confidently with his legs hanging over one arm of the throne. His long green cloak folds underneath him and spreads out in front of the throne. A huge grin plays across his face. One of LOKI’s hands is cupped holding an orb of pulsating and powerful magic.

Kneeling at the base of the steps up to the throne and facing LOKI are all the members of the AVENGERS. Their heads hang low as halos of LOKI’s magic encircle their heads.

LOKI: The easiest way to defeat an enemy is to make them believe they have already won. 

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