Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Squared Circle Comics – Back In My Day! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(3 Panels)

Panel 1: MURDOCH and REILLY are interviewing an older-looking wrestler – JAMES ‘THE WRINGER’ JENKINS – though they don’t look like they’re too pleased to be doing it. THE WRINGER is going off on an old-man style rant, though his words are in the background behind everyone, making it so that the reader can only get an idea about what he’s going on about, if that.

THE WRINGER: You call this wrestling? This ain’t no wrestling! This is fancy-pants money-charged four-sided theater, that’s what it is! Back in my day, wrestling was WRESTLING! None of these silly gimmicks! The wrestlers WERE the gimmick! And not just anybody got a fancy nickname, no sir-ry! If you went by a nickname, it meant you’d earned it! And scripts? You better believe that nobody ever had a script! Nobody! We didn’t need no scripts! Not even the announcers! Everything was…

MURDOCH: We are back with a ‘special’ interview with one of wrestling’s oldest title champions. Mr. James Jenkins, better known as ‘The Wringer’.

REILLY: Mr. James Jenkins, better known as ‘The Wringer’.

REILLY: Also the only SWC Champion to ever willingly give up his championship title.

Panel 2: THE WRINGER looks like he’s fallen asleep mid-sentence. MURDOCH and REILLY look at him in confusion.




Panel 3: THE WRINGER wakes up suddenly, causing MURDOCH and REILLY to jump out of their seats away from him in shock.




I've included art with my script? Two weeks in a row? Shocking, I know.

Don't get your hopes up for next week. I don't have any plans of making this a regular thing.

This also helps provide an explanation for the scratched-out and modified lines in the script above - they were part of the original script before I started drawing, and the rest indicates what made it into the final version as I realized I was trying to stick to much dialogue into too little space.

Between this and last week, I think it also should help explain why I generally don't try to draw my own comics - I like to use up as much space as I can and I have trouble with consistency from panel to panel with characters appearances. I can draw, sure - and believe me, I've got more than enough concept art I've put together myself from assorted projects - I just don't consider myself to be capable of the level of quality I'd expect from any comic book.


  1. MK I am loving you drawing your pages. It shows clear development from scripting to final art. The art is helping you self edit. You are a much better artist than me but I might start to draw my stuff up even rough to see how it look and flows, I think my bad art could help me be a better writer.

    Your overall script is also really great, you have captured the awkward moment in wrestling when a once great wrestler is dragged out and is in a sorry state of affair now.

  2. MK this is brilliant! I love the character and the style in which you wrote it. If it is ok with you, I will steal James 'The Wringer' Jenkins for a later script.

    Excellent work mate, well done.

    1. I was actually hoping you'd like him enough to want to re-use him, so 'yes, that would be ok by me'.

      Just don't forget where he came from if your comic ever does well enough to make you money. :-P

  3. Heh. This is great. I really love the contrast between those first and third panels, the art included with the post completely sells it.

    Great job!


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