Sunday, May 27, 2012

Squared Circle Comics - Forty Three - Ben Rosenthal

I love it when I can multi-task.  Below is the ACTUAL script for SCW this coming Tuesday night/Wednesday (depending on your timezone and Mike Perry's paralysed hand).  You may want to read the previous strips leading up to this particular one. Also, I crave hits.


1. Technical Difficulties panel, with Swingy beaten and bloody, laying on the ground unconscious.

2.  Jack Heart is standing in the middle of the ring, once again SCW Champion.

2a. The Commentator’s booth. Reilly is weeping.

What a night folks! Jack Heart is once again the NEW SCW Champion!


Thank you for being a part of Entertanimania, and we will see you tomorrow night for the Entertainmania fallout!

3.  The commentator’s panel. Reilly and Murdoch are talking between themselves.

VOICE (off panel)
And we are off air!

Think we got away with the ‘Technical Difficulties’ thing?


You mean the fact that we had no idea where we were going with this match so made up a stupid mascot to distract people’s attention whilst at the same time taking their money?

I love the way you summarise plots!

Whilst using correct English!


  1. Fun little page. I've been reading the comic for a while and its nice to see how you work in the three panel webcomic format. Keep up the good work buddy.

  2. Nice page full of humour. I personally find comedy a complete b*stard to write. So the fact you consistently hit that zany tone week in week out speaks volumes.

    Good stuff!

  3. Looking forward to seeing this one drawn! Thanks for letting us play in your yard!

  4. Thanks guys. And thank you for putting up with my shameless self promoting this week.


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