Thursday, May 31, 2012

Squared Circle Comics – What An Entrance – Shaun Richens.

One page.

Three Panels equal sized panels. All three panels have a small panel inlaid in the bottom right hand side.

1. Ripper is walking down to the ring. The huge screen behind him shows his entrance video. Smoke is billowing up around his feet.

1.1 The commentators stand behind a desk. They both look really excited by the appearance of Ripper. They are smiling and energetic.

         It’s Ripper! I cannot believe he’s here tonight!

2. Ripper has moved a tiny bit further down the ramp towards ringside. He looks menacing and powerful.

         Ten minutes later.

2.2 The commentators are now sat behind the desk. The enthusiasm has drained from their faces however.

3. Ripper finally enters the ring. He stands tall, microphone in hand.

         One hour later.

I am here tonight for one reason…

3.3 One of the commentators has fallen asleep at the desk; the other has his chin resting on it, with only one eye open. The SCW logo is on display in the bottom right corner.

Thank you for joining us on SCW tonight. That’s all the time we have. See you next week.


  1. The page is just a cheap Undertaker gag. Sorry. haha

  2. No need to apologise at all Shaun...because I had the exact same gag, and wrote it in the early days of SCW.

    I do think your way of depicting it does come across much clearer though. Still, it's nice to know that I have the same thoughts about wrestling as other fans, and I'm not just a cynical individual...well, not much of one.

  3. My limited knowledge of wrestling still ensures I get this joke. Nice.


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