Monday, May 28, 2012

Squared Circle – The Quickening – Ryan K Lindsay

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1. Those two announcers are talking to us. I don’t know their names, you do, draw them.

Announcer 1: Wow, I cannot believe Moneyshot Lindsay is stepping back into the ring for this bout.
Announcer 2: It is for The Quickening, [insert name here if they have names], there’s no way he’d let 3-Star Rosenthal take it without it getting physical.

2. 3-Star Rosenthal stands in his corner ready to go. Here’s the fun, let’s make Ben a wrestler. I’m thinking denim overalls, with the ass flap open revealing pink underwear, maybe some sort of lame mask or hat. You hate him as much as I do, let’s tear him apart.

Caption: “This. Is. Going. To. Be. INSANITY!”
3-Star: I wonder why they call him--

3. Insert sneak attack SFX panel with MONEYSHOT written vertically. Should homage the old Batman POWS, y’know? Panel is only about 1cm wide or so.

4. 3-Star has been blown back, he is tangled up in the ropes, he’s upside-down, his pert little ass is facing us. An announcer is standing at the side of the ring. I don’t care which one (pick your favourite) and I don’t care exactly where he stands.

Announcer ?: Wow, he really took that right across his chest like a champ!

Squared Circle artist extraordinaire Mike Perry is an old mate of mine -- this is why the script is so damn informal. Truth be told, I was kind of hoping it would make him laugh even between the lines.

As for the content, I just got to turn my good friend Ben into a wrestler. A very funny looking wrestler. You'll also notice I left myself off the page. Yeah, that's how I meant it.

Alas, this is my final 'official' script for thoughtballoons. Time constraints have finally crushed me and as such I've got to let something go. I plan on hopefully submitting scripts from time to time but for now I need to work on some other paying gigs.

Thanks for two straight years of scripts, guys. It's been amazing.


  1. Was this semi-autobiographical from that time you took a money shot to the chest?

  2. HA! How good are in-jokes? I couldn't ask for a better SCW strip.

    FYI - I do like the way Ryan pays extremely close attention to the strip. You can tell from his script notes he's a mad fan.

    I'll reveal a secret - the Bald announcer is suppose to be me (hence the name Reilly, and Murdoch is Mike.....he was originally called Perty).

    As for it being your last script Ryan....I still say its balls, but am flattered by it. Thanks man.

    See you round, Moneyshot.

  3. James - you know I only dance to chin music.

    Ben - you know I dig the script. Honestly, I'll state it here -- I hate wrestling but I dig the script. As for my research fu, not so strong last week :D

  4. Mr. Lindsay it is sad to be seeing you leaving us buddy, but I am so happy its because you're writing is taking off. It looks like I'll just have to make my already tight comic budget stretch that little bit further to get my R K Lindsay fix from here on out. You're like a drug dealer man, giving me the good stuff free for a while to get me hooked now its guna cost me. :)

    All the very best mate, don't forget us all when you're making millions from all your movie deals.

  5. It's sad to see you leaving us, but it's nice to know it's for the best reasons (living the dream!). It'll be strange (and less Australian) without you.

    As for the script?

    Zany, funny and full of innuendo.

    Top page to go out on. Here's to many more that you'll be cranking out in the years to come (and charging for no less!).

    Happy trails! (I'm sure I'll be bothering you on the Twitter and such anyway)

  6. Oh I know you love them, Moneyshot. I couldn't resist one more jab before you leave.

    Seriously, I loved the script. Although i hate it when people make my comic funnier than I can. CURSE YOU!


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