Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Squared Circle Wrestling- 24/7 -Dan Hill

I really like the character of Puno and something he said in one of the earlier strips resonated, and so I present my magnum opus. This strip is a ‘prequel’ of sorts, set just before the first strip.  

Panel 1

We are in a convenience store sometime after midnight. In the foreground of the shot is a shelf, its back facing us. On the other side of the shelving, peering through a gap in the stock is a very paranoid looking PUNO. He wears his mask and a trenchcoat (this is Puno’s version of incognito).

Behind Puno, lining the wall, is the freezer section of the store.


Panel 2

We are further along the aisle now. Puno raises himself up on his tiptoes, peering from behind the shelving like a Meerkat looking for whatever’s on the next rung up the food chain.

Behind him, standing next to one of the freezers, we can just make out a STORE CLERK holding a mop in his hand. The clerks garish uniform is complimented by his greasy hair, pale flesh and impressive collection of zits.

STORE CLERK:  Um...Sir...

Panel 2A

Tight on PUNO as he slips, legs flying, arms flailing. Physics in action.  

PUNO:  Aiiiee!

Panel 3

We are now clear of the shelving in the foreground but the viewpoint is still fixed looking towards the freezer section and the store clerk. The clerk holds his mop and looks down, off panel.

PUNO (OFF PANEL):  Avenge me.


  1. Glad to see someone taking up the NO COPY mantle that was held by Mr Lindsay.

    Your page is, as always tight and well put together. You took one of the characters from the comic who I liked most and who hasn't been explored before, and you gave me a really enjoyable page.

  2. Great to see some El Puno love. He is easily one of my favourite characters, and I cannot wait until I can get back to him and his quest to recapture the 24/7 title. Although that will now be put on the back burner for a bit - I've just had an idea which will run on the strip for a while methinks.

    Regardless, tight script Dan. I love the description of El Puno being like a meerkat - nailed it!


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