Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Squared Circle Wrestling - The Hot Seat - Grant McLaughlin

Love the comic, Ben. Like you, I've also fallen in love with Swingie, so I hope you'll excuse me if I explore his “secret origins” a bit.

1 – Swingie and Mrs. Swingie are at home, eating dinner. Their home is small and a little run down, but it's theirs, which makes it special. Swingie is contentedly eating his meal, while Mrs. S looks like her mind is occupied by something other than their food. Please keep in mind that although Swingie is a foldout chair, Mrs. S is actually a buxom card table.  The two are eating dinner at another, (albeit) inanimate table.

MRS. SWINGIE: Swingie?


2 – Mrs. S reaches out to hold one of Swingie's hands; her other hand is on her stomach (if card tables can have those). She has an imploring look on her face. Swingy looks back at her, and recognizing the seriousness of the situation, wears a sympathetic expression.

MRS. SWINGIE (1): I know working at SCW is your dream job, but I'm worried that we won't have enough money to make ends meet.

MRS. SWINGIE (2): Especially with our little ones on the way.

SWINGIE: Don't worry, honey. I'm working my way up the ladder. Sure, right now I'm just the technical difficulties guy, but if I play my cards right, soon I could be in honest to goodness matches. Chair matches. TLC matches. Or even headlining the main event...

MRS. SWINGIE: I'm just worried that soon might not come soon enough.

3 – Swingie stands up and goes around the table to his sweetheart. He kisses her reassuringly on the forehead (table edge?). While still concerned, Mrs. S puts on a brave face for her hubby.

SWINGIE (1): I'm sure an opportunity to distinguish myself will come along sooner than you think.

SWINGIE (2): And when it does, I'll keep your words in mind. But now I gotta get going. It's Entertainmania tonight, after all.


  1. Great flashback page giving a really funny insight into current events in the comic series. I love Mrs. Swingie as a concept as well. This best be the next page they put up.

  2. Heh.

    This was a great page that fits with the style Ben has established. I think a card table as a character is begging to be drawn.

  3. Great work Grant. Swingy is an awesome character that Mike came up with on the fly, and has grown on me. You will be seeing plenty more of him, i can guarantee.


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