Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tony Chu- Camelot Spamalot -Dan Hill

Disclaimer: I've only read the first trade of Chew, despite being a big fan of the concept and art. That said, this script is firmly set in the early days of Tony's career. The character of Josiah Drake is meant as a foil, a dark mirror of Tony himself:

Page Twenty One (8 panels)

The page consists of four tiers of two equally sized panels.

Panel 1

Tight on TONY CHU, his gun drawn pointing to the right of the panel. He’s wearing a shirt and a loose tie (cotton trousers and a pair of loafers too-- which we can’t see, but I don’t want you to picture his bottom half naked, you know?)

It’s night and we can see a fire door behind Tony. We’re on the roof of a tenement building somewhere in the city.

TONY:  Freeze, Josiah!

TONY:  Nowhere left to go.

Panel 2

JOSIAH DRAKE faces camera, his hands up in surrender. He stands near the edge of the roof. A second more and he would have leapt to the next building over, about 8-10 feet away.

Josiah is in his early thirties with piercing blue eyes and hair so blonde it’s almost white.  He’s wearing a shirt and tie under a sharp Vivienne Westwood suit, all grey and clean lines. Despite the fact he’s been running flat out from Tony, not a hair looks out of place. This guy makes everything seem effortless.

Betraying his look are the crusty traces of a grey and yellow-ish liquid around Josiah’s mouth.

JOSIAH:  Maybe.

Panel 3

Back on Tony, gun still drawn.

TONY:  Stay where you are. They’re coming for you.

JOSIAH (OFF):  You sure?

TONY:  You’re confident for a man with his hands up.

Panel 4

Tight on Josiah, stern faced.

JOSIAH:  So certain of your system. Your rules. Your structure.

JOSIAH:  I’d wager you'd go crazy without them. Like your brother.

Panel 5

Close up on Tony. He’s starting to lose his cool.

TONY:  Crazy? You ate President Kennedy’s brain!

TONY:  And for what? Money? Power?

Panel 6

Back on Josiah. He ponders Tony’s words.

JOSIAH:  Hmm. Yes...

Panel 7

Fixed panel. Josiah looks up, a small smile playing across his lips.


Panel 8

Fixed panel. Josiah’s smile breaks out into a wide, flashy grin-- a shark with a set of shiny white teeth.

JOSIAH:  But it tasted so good.

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  1. Really cool dramatic and cinematic one pager. I am really loving your scripting style, your little notes that don't even directly go into the page make me laugh and add a nice flavor to you words. As Josiah and the concept of your page and just ice cold they are so cool. Great page.


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