Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tony Chu - Missing the Point - Grant McLaughlin

Page 22

Among the various plot points leading up to this final page, Tony has gathered together a whole bunch of his close associates and friends (including his sister Toni, his daughter Olive, his girlfriend Amelia, Agent Colby, Caesar Valenzo, and anyone else that might seem appropriate – I include Poyo in that category) for reasons that we don't have to go into here. What does matter is that Tony also accidentally ate some dirt (due to some hilarious series of unlikely events that I'll leave to your imagination) and got a cibopathic reading off of it. Indeed, it was a pretty intense one, where he realized that the gob of earth had thoughts, dreams, aspirations, and the like. Shocked and surprised, he just announced on the previous page to everyone in the room that “The Earth is ALIVE!”

Four panels of equal size. Each one stretches the width of the page. Each panel has an identically placed and sized inset panel towards the right hand side.

1 – Shot of everyone but Tony (who is off-panel). They look towards Tony (and, consequently, the reader) with blank stares. Poyo is perhaps the most confused, cocking his head to the side.  No dialogue.

1.1 – Inset panel on the right hand side. It's Tony Chu. He is confused at everyone's confusion.

TONY: What?

2 – Shot of everyone. More or less the same, with some slight movement on everyone's part as they speak or think to themselves.

AGENT COLBY: Are you trying to tell us that you've never eaten dirt before?

CAESAR: The bigger kids on the playground didn't force you to chow down on some good ol' terra firma?

2.1 – Back to Tony. He is still confused, but it's definitely moving towards annoyance.

TONY: I hardly see how it's rele--

3 – Shot of everyone. Olive speaks up here. Everyone looks towards her.

OLIVE: Not once? You really expect us to believe that?

3.1 – Back to Tony. It's full on annoyance now.

TONY: This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I was actually quite popular in school.

4 – Same shot as panel 1. Everyone is confused again.  No dialogue.

4.1 – Back to Tony. Annoyance has given way to exasperation mixed with defeat.

TONY (1): *grumble*

TONY (2): Let's just get back to this Earth thing...



  1. Wow massive concept and truly interesting use of an already interesting and cool power. You could do so much with this concept I love it. Also your page layout is very much in keeping with the tone and style of the book. Awesome.

  2. Interesting concept with some solid dialogue and comedy on the page too.

    I feel like I may have gotten more out of this page if I'd actually read more of the series. Or am I way off on that assumption?


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