Monday, May 14, 2012

Tony Chu - Twenty Three Times - Ben Rosenthal

1. Tony Chu is sitting in a dimly lit apartment. It is messy, with Tony wearing a singlet, boxers  and stubble.  His knees are folded up to his chest, and he is looking down at his toes (off panel, although we can tell he is holding his foot by the way he is seated).

I don't remember a thing about that night.

One moment I'm having the time of my life, the next I've called up half of the room.

2.  Same as Panel 1, however Tony's face is in screwed up in pain.

I have to know.

3.  Same framing as Panel 1. Tony holds his bloody little toe in between his fingers.  He looks at it with curiosity.

You are what you eat, huh?

4. Same as the other panels, with Tony throwing his toe into his mouth, ready to consume.

Let's test that theory.


  1. Ben this is like Chew meets The hangover with a gore flavored edge. I love everything about it. It would make a great little on shot or story arc of Tony eating his way to remembering his crazy fun filled night. Really great work mate.

  2. Really interesting hook that uses the series concept and mythology in a unique way.


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