Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two Years Writing Scripts

I'm very proud of this site. thoughtballoons has been running for two years and that means I've dropped over 100 scripts without missing a week. Over a hundred scripts is no mean feat. Some of them have been terribly average, maybe even a few just plain terrible, and then there are some of which I am incredibly proud. But quality aside, I've been proud to just hit the deadlines, and I've been really happy to always have a reason to have the creative juices flowing.

That's what thoughtballoons is about - keeping you writing, keeping you wanting to write. Some weeks it can be hard but those weeks are worth it for the scripts that absolutely sing. If you write then you know exactly what I'm talking about. That moment where you look at a script, and in your eyes it is perfect, you feel just...godly. There really is nothing better - and to have a weekly opportunity to crest this mountain, it's just fantastic.

I have appreciated the community that has built here over 104 weeks. The feedback channels and bonds built are the sort of things I love best about the comics community. I have friends for life, future collaborators, and people I can laugh with. I do this site to learn, about the craft, and I do it because it's fun. It fun to intact and to not be writing in a vacuum.

It feels like there isn't much more this site can do, if I'm to be honest. And that's fine with me. I'm happy if it just keeps on keeping on. Perhaps it never needs to get any larger. I'd prefer it to just mean something to the people who do come here. I'd prefer to look back in another 8 years and see 500 of my scripts available for anyone to see. I think that would be one hell of a mean feat.

I have to take this soapbox to thank my fellow tenured writers. I passionately adore each of them and it's nice to know they've got my back. I can run silly ideas past them, or help them out with their needs, and that sort of thing is invaluable in what we do. If you look behind the curtain, you will find people passionate about writing. We all have other irons in the fire and seeing the slew of comics and pitches and one-shots and ideas flowing from this crew is astounding. The future of comics is right here just waiting to sieze their chance - or they already are siezing it right now.

I also want to take this moment to announce our new tenures. We've picked some new blood from the little writer's challenge we ran during our Avengersthon a month ago. Please welcome to the fold:
J.D. Coughlan
Niel Jacoby
Ray - the American Zombie!
These guys really wowed the tenures with their dedication, hard work, and sheer skill. It's a pleasure to have them on board.
Now, to you, the constant readers, I thank you for turning up. I hope each time you come here you find something inspiring or interesting that makes you want to go off and write. I very much see this as a site by writers for writers and this shared process is always fun for me.

I don't want to stop doing this. That is my intention. What is yours? What does this site mean to you, and what would you like to see us do?

Thanks, and here's to hundreds more.


  1. Very well said indeed Mr Lindsay, and hats off to you for this little idea of yours. It and the community here have become a big and important part of my life and not just as a writer.

  2. Agreed. I've only been around (officially) for the past year, but it's been a good one for me as well. This site - and the community around it - means a lot to me.


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