Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Go Autobiographical?

To celebrate two years of scripting, we all thought it would be nice to write an autobiographical script. It would tell you a little bit more about ourselves and it might be fun to also analyse ourselves. There are plenty of good autobiographical comics out there, so here you'll get a tease for six more.

This is a pretty loose set up, it can be a moment from now, or before, or maybe even after if you want to get all crazy. As long as it's about you we'll be fine.

Have fun and instead of writing about someone who doesn't exist get a little real. Let's find out who you are.


  1. Panel 1: I am on my futon with my laptop. The clock behind me says 5:00. The sun is out, which you can see through the window.

    Me: Alright, let's get to work.

    Panel 2: Same place, but I'm surprised. 6:00. The sun is lower.

    Me: Ooh, someone talked to me on Twitter!

    Panel 3: 8:00. Dark.

    Me: Just one more Busta Rhymes video.

    Panel 4: 12:00. Still dark.

    Me: Heh, Tucker Stone is awesome.

    Panel 5: 12:15. I notice the clock.


    Panel 6: 12:20. I am working fast, panicking.

    Me: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

    1. Humour and frustration with technology are recurring themes this week it seems.

      Panel 6. Ahhh Panel 6. Old friend. Doesn't everyone work better to deadlines?

    2. Every panel has a nice beat and it reads like a lovely little slice of life piece.

  2. "Montage"

    Five wide panels, each a different art style. No dialogue on this page at all.

    1) Young John (J.D.), about 7 or 8, in Disneyland with his mum, dad, and little sister. Sheer joy on his face.

    2) Overhead shot. John, aged 12, lying in a hospital bed. Expressionless.

    3) John, aged 16, with four of his friends leaning against a waist-high brick wall. Michael looking cocky, thinks he is the "leader." Freakishly tall Andy is saying something daft. Paul gives him a serious look, just waiting to call him an idiot. Poor, beautiful Laura endures the boys with a smile. John is content.

    4) John, 18, in college, deep in a creative and intelligent discussion with his classmates. A random mix of people of various ages and appearances. Think Community, because that was totally based on my life. John is very much in his element.

    5) John, 25, at his computer. We are looking over his shoulder, and cannot see his face, as he receives an email from Thought Balloons.

    Email reads:

    How would you like to join us on a tenured basis?


    Just a few of the "signpost" moments in my life.

    1. Each panel tells a great little narrative in its own right. I like how you built up to end on a caption of the very present you highlighting what writing means to you.

  3. Long Comic Titles Aren't Cool Any More
    by: zu

    Set in a room, as blank as you desire to make it.
    Three panels.


    In this room, there are two things. There are words. Lots and lots of them. They're growing. They're coming from somewhere. They're coming from thing number two. Thing number two is a person, who'se mouth spews the words that crowd the speaker in the corner.

    1.1 *Very, very tight on the speaker's mouth. Out come two words: "So I"*
    NO TEXT.

    1.2 *Pull out a little bit, and away from the face. Still, the focus is on the head of the speaker. Out comes two more words, forming the sentence "So I wanted goals..."*
    NO TEXT.

    1.3 *And pull out to the entire room, where you can see the words, from the character's mouth, filling up more and more space.

    Brief note on the words: I'm only going to ask that you include "rua," "we rise like lions," "2666" and "thunder in the night forever." Everything else, feel free to be as brazenly cryptic or forthright as you choose. Have a favorite Warren Ellis line? Throw it in. Want to put in something random and nonsensical? Throw it in. Been listening to that new Nicki Minaj jam? Throw it in.*
    NO TEXT.


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