Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why Tony Chu?

I have three reasons why I picked Tony Chu…

First Tony Chu is a Cibopathic, which means when he takes a bite out of say an apple he gets a feeling in his head about it, what tree it came from, who picked it, when it was harvested, or lets say he was to nimble on a dead guy he may just discover how he ended up dead. This makes Tony a damn good detective.

Secondly Chew is one of the single best comics on shelves today and not enough people read it. It is funny, action packed and so damn witty. So I want this week to be a chance for us to highlight why people should be reading this book.

And lastly…. Oh come on did you not read reason one? The dude can see into the past being eating. That’s awesome.

So lets just take Tony out for dinner and see where the night takes us shall we.


  1. PANEL 1:
    Tony, John Colby, and Mike Applebee are standing in front of a body on a gurney in some sort of forensics lab. Tony is pinching his nose, annoyed. Colby is glaring at Applebee. Applebee is gleeful. We can't yet see who is on the gurney.




    Colby: YEP.

    PANEL 2: Zoom out. Tony is angry, John is still glaring at Applebee, and Applebee is still gleeful. We can see that a man in a McGruff The Crime Dog-esque costume is on the gurney.

    Applebee: I GUESS YOU'LL HAVE TO TAKE...

    Applebee(this is the title, and should be lettered differently to stand out): A BITE OUT OF CRIME
    Caption: PART 1

    Colby(under the previous bubbles): YOU ARE JUST THE WORST.

    1. This page is so damn good. Niel you have nailed the tone and wit of the book perfectly in one page.

    2. The humour here is spot on (from my limited one trade only experience). Solid page.

  2. Tony Chu - Food Fight

    BACKGROUND: Tony chases a perp through a high school cafeteria as a food fight breaks out.

    Four long, horizontal panels.

    1) Tony try to run through the storm of food. He is hit by a hamburger. In the background we see a flashback of a cafeteria worker spitting in the burger.

    TONY: Oof!

    2) Same as before; Tony running, food flying. This time he is hit by a drink cup, liquid flying out on him. There is a flashback of teen girls talking over the same drink cup. One girl is about to drink it.

    TONY: Ack!

    GIRL IN FLASHBACK: So anyway, apparently I have the flu...

    3) As before, this time Tony getting hit by jello. The flashback is of scientists scrutinising the jello under a microscope.

    TONY: Eugh!

    SCIENTIST IN FLASHBACK: Yes, this new formula should keep the students under our control.

    4) Tony has stopped running in the middle of the food fight. He is perplexed at the last flashback.

    TONY: What the--?


    I only ever read the first trade of Chew, and wouldn't be at all surprised if a food fight hadn't shown up at some point. I also like how storylines overlapped, and tried to capture that at the end.

    1. I've only read the first trade too. I liked this page though. It used the series central concept in a fun and imaginative way that'd make for a visually engaging page.

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    1. Deleted because of a double post.

    2. J.D you killed it with with page. The food fight set up is a perfect set up for all of your witty flashback moments and that last one being so out of the blue and throwing a curve ball sub plot into a single page is great work.

      P.S get the rest of the trades. Chew is fantastic.

  4. CSI: Miami - Special Guest TONY CHU


    Panel 1 - HORATIO CAINE and DETECTIVE FRANK TRIPP are standing at the counter of a greasy-spoon truck stop diner. Blood spatter everywhere. Behind the counter is the open window where the cooks pass the waitresses food. Through the window we see TONY CHU rooting around as RYAN WOLFE and CALLEIGH DUQUESNE look on. RYAN's arms are crossed over his chest. The kitchen is just as gory as the rest.

    H: What do we know, Frank?

    TRIPP: Looks like World War Scumbag happened in here.

    TRIPP: We got hookers and truckers on one side, and members of some white-power Hell's Angels wannabe's on the other. Buncha winners called the "Kulture".

    Panel 2 - Same as 1, except WOLFE and CALLEIGH watch CHU duck under the window.

    H: Witnesses?

    TRIPP: Probably dead, by the looksa things.

    TRIPP: Feds were called in. Two undercovers are among the bodies. Between Hate Crimes and Organized Crime, they're all over this place like a rash.

    Panel 3 - Same as above, except we can't see where CHU ducked to, but we see WOLFE and CALLEIGH watching him. WOLFE has a look of shock on his face, his tongue sticking out in a silent "Ble-agh". CALLIEGH's turning green, cheeks puffed out as if she's trying not to puke.

    H: I don't see Boa Vista.

    TRIPP: She's around back, trying to get search warrants for all the semis in the lot. Maybe one of'em's transporting something hinky.

    TRIPP: Who's this Chu guy, y'hearda him before?

    Panel 4 - Same as above, except we see CHU walking stage left behind the window. WOLFE reacts in horror as CALLEIGH vomits all over WOLFE's shoes.

    H: Apparently, he is what they refer to as a "Special Talent". He came highly recommended.

    TRIPP: That doesn't sound good.

    Panel 5: CHU approaches HORATIO and TRIPP.

    H: Mr. Chu. Would you care to enlighten us?

    CHU: Oh, yeah. I'm about to disagree...

    Panel 6: Close-up on CHU's face looking at us as he is putting on his sunglasses. We can see his eyes over the shades.

    CHU: With someone I ate.

    Panel 7: Skyline of Miami at sunset, as in the opening credits of the show.


    1. Meme-tastic.

      The dialogue here is very good. It flows nicely and SOUNDS like the characters in question.

      You also tie it in to Chew's unique sense of humour too. Nice work!

    2. HA! now THAT is a GREAT team-up! Brave & Bold, and hilarious

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